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Restaurant trip to The Botanist

Event from Good Food Society

Wednesday 19 February 2020, 6:30pm - 8pm

The Botanist, Coventry

Join us for a delicious dinner once again! We will be going to The Botanist in Coventry, a famous restuarant known for its hanging kebabs!

We offer a discount for our members, see the meal options and prices below and get your tickets!

Option 1a - Chicken Hanging Kebab – £11.95 (non-members)
Option 1b - Chicken Hanging Kebab - £10.5 (MEMBERS)

Option 2a - Lamb Kofta Hanging Kebab – £12.95 (non-members)
Option 2b - Lamb Kofta Hanging Kebab - £11.5 (MEMBERS)

Option 3a - VEGAN Tofurky sausage Hanging Kebab – £11.95 (non-members)
Option 3b - VEGAN Tofurky sausage Hanging Kebab - £10.5 (MEMBERS)

Option 4a - Buttermilk chicken burger – £11.5 (non-members)
Option 4b - Buttermilk chicken burger - £10 (MEMBERS) 

Option 5a - VEGAN Moving Mountains Burger – £10.95 (non-members)
Option 5b - VEGAN Moving Mountains Burger - £9.5 (MEMBERS)

If you have any questions, let us know! :)

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