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Transforming Education Awards

It has been a difficult year but there are staff members who have helped students through this tough time. Transforming Education Awards is a space to celebrate the staff members who have gone above and beyond to support their students.

These awards are completely led by students - the categories and criteria were created by students; the nominations will all come from students; and students will decide who receives the awards. At the SU, your Education Officer, Postgraduate Officer, Faculty Reps & Department Reps have worked hard to develop a range of categories that they feel are important to students. Has there been a staff member who has helped you through a tough time? Made you feel welcome through use of digital? Ensured the student voice has been heard and acted upon? Made your time at Warwick this year better in any way? Now is the time to get their hard work recognised.

We will be celebrating the nominees and winners with an online event on the 1st June, 5pm. Keep an eye on the SU Facebook page for details too.

Nominations are now open! Awards are decided based on quality, not quantity, so make sure you include detail and examples in your nomination. We will be running a digital ceremony in Term 3 to celebrate our nominees and winners so keep an eye out for the date."


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Supporting Student Wellbeing

This award is for any individual staff member who has gone above and beyond supported student’s wellbeing and/or welfare. Their role may or may not be associated with supporting students but they have gone above and beyond to ensure students feel welcome, supported and able to achieve their potential.

Excellence in Virtual Transition

This award is for any individual or group of staff members who has ensured that they have been able to convert their teaching/services/activities in an innovative and engaging way.

Outstanding Feedback

This award is for any individual staff member who excels in giving supportive and transformative feedback on assessments. Outstanding feedback doesn’t just help a student understand where they are but how they can progress and improve their work.

Student Voice

This award is for any individual or group of staff members who doesn’t just listen to students but act on their feedback and closed the feedback loop. This could be through an innovative way to engage with student voice and/or ensuring everything they do has student voice at the heart.

Student Communication

This award is for any individual staff member or group of staff members who have excelled at their communication with students and have gone above and beyond in using meaningful ways to design communication with students to ensure that everyone has access to relevant and timely information. This may specifically encompass communicating developments with regards to changes in light of Covid-19 restrictions, but also in general

Student Partnership

This award is for a project/activity that has innovated and/or excelled student partnership and co-creation. This could be a new project/activity or an existing project/activity that embodies the idea of students as partners in their university experience. This award is also open to SSLCs as a group.

Innovative Teaching

This award is for an individual staff member that has been innovative with their teaching and learning. This could be through innovative activities, technologies or approaches.

Inclusive Teaching

This award is for an individual staff member who has developed their teaching and learning to be inclusive of all experiences. This could be via curriculum development, ensuring a range of voices are represented, how they teach, and/or removing barriers for engaging with the teaching and learning.


This award is for an individual staff member who has been an inspiration to students. This could be through a range of ways that makes students feel they can achieve/do anything they put their mind to.

Open Category

This award is open to any individual or group of staff members who you feel should be celebrated for what they have done this Academic Year. It can be for any reason that is not included in the awards above or a combination of the categories above.

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