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Emma Coleman

Womens' Officer

I’m a second-year History and Politics student.

This year, I want to ensure real change for women across the university, from our academic opportunities to nights out! Promoting gender equality in the curriculum and breaking down destructive stereotypes is a key focus for me, to ensure that no one loses out because of their gender.

I want to use the momentum created by the #WeGetConsent campaign to expand its reach. There is a big opportunity to push for improvements to how the University deals with sexual harassment, with the newly-created Ambassadors team and pressure on the University to step up.

I will build on the excellent work of Amy and Laura last year to better the mental health provision for women. I hope to work with the full-time Student Officers and other Part-Time Officers this year for whom mental health is a top priority to launch an effective campaign.

Listening directly to what the women’s community wants and needs is really important to me, to ensure that the campaigns I run are addressing people’s real concerns – therefore, I will be running termly safe-space caucus meetings open to all women at Warwick to hear from you.

Emma Coleman

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