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Women's Officer

Amara Okoye

Womens' Officer

Hey, I’m Amarachukwu, Amara for short. My Pronouns are She/Her and I am your womens’ officer. My main goal is to ensure all groups of women are represented and their voices heard.



Fun fact about me:
I joked about wanting chickenpox during my GCSEs, the next day I woke up with chicken pox.

My role and what I hope to achieve this year:
1- Women of Warwick Campaign - I aim to introduce the Women of Warwick campaign. This focuses on collaborating with different Warwick women societies and departments to provide various events on different groups of women and different women issues.
2- Building Women Network - I aim to build a stronger bridge between the Womens’ Officer and Women societies on campus
3- Ensuring to be a representative voice for all women on campus

Amara Okoye

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The election for this role takes place during our Autumn Elections in term 1. You can find out more about this role and the others available by visiting our elections webpages.

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