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Trans Students' Officer

Ella Osho

Trans Students' Officer

Hi I'm Ella Osho, your Trans Students’ Officer!

BEng in Biomedical Systems Engineering

Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Fun fact about me:
I love playing and learning to develop all types of video games and Legally Blonde is more than a movie to me.

My role and what I hope to achieve this year:
I'm the representative for all trans students on campus, here to listen to their needs and help them get the most out of their university experience. I really want to help other trans people understand their worth and potential, in academia especially, so they can make fulfilling lives for themselves as they grow older. This year I hope to lobby for better specific welfare services for trans students where they really feel listened to and can feel safe that their best interest is in mind.

Ella Osho - Trans Students' Officer


The election for this role takes place during our Spring Elections in Term 2. You can find out more about this role and the others available by visiting our elections webpages.

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