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Democracy & Development

Akosua Sefah

Democracy & Development Officer

Heyy :)) I’m Akosua, your Democracy and Development Officer.

There are two sides to my job – the democracy side involves everything to do with representing your voice from running student elections to making sure that democratic processes are fair and accessible. The development side is to with all building works on campus, and the universities and Students’ Unions commercial outlets like Bread Oven and Canopy!

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Fun fact about me: 
I love cows ??

My role and what I hope to achieve this year: 
One of my main priorities is to transform the way in which the SU engages with students. I want to push for the union to take more of an active role in reaching out to students and finding out their wants and needs, as well as establishing long-term links between the Union, activists and organisers on campus for much needed change.

Transparency and accountability within the SU and the University are also top on my priority list for the year. I will lobby for the university to be open with their spending and to push for divestment from corporations that are highly polluting, or which endanger the lives of those in the Global South. In addition to this point, when making cuts I will push the university to ensure that they are always prioritising the needs of students and protecting marginalised communities on our campus. I sit on a variety of University committees where I will ensure that student interests are represented at all levels.

Akosua Sefah


The Democracy & Development Officer's office is on the first floor of SUHQ.

024 765 72777

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The election for this role takes place during our Spring Elections in term 2. You can find out more about this role and the others available by visiting our elections webpages.

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