Every student at Warwick is able to propose ideas and motions on a stance or action they feel their Union and Student Officers should take. These motions are taken through your democratic system and either decided at Student Council or through an All Student Vote. All motions that are voted and agreed by students become active Union policy for three years.

Below you will find all currently active policies that have been passed at Student Council or an All Student Vote. We have split these policies into seven (7) policy zones that broadly align to the work of your Student Officers and SU Execs. You can read more about the democratic system and how you can make your mark! by click here.

If you have any questions about any one of our policies then contact your Student Officers or the Democracy Team who would be happy to help.


All policy relating to Ethics and Environment and students in wider society.

All policy relating to Higher Education and the University such as funding, teaching learning and support.

All policy related to Welfare such as housing, healthcare and students in the community.

All policy related to liberation groups such as disabled students, women, ethnic minority and LGBT students.

All policy relating to the activities of Sports clubs and Societies.

All policy relating to the democratic structures and accountability of the Union. This shall include all boycotts and eternal matters concerning democracy in the community.

All Policy relating to Postgraduate Students' wellbeing, education and development.

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