Make Your Mark!

There are other ways to make a change if you don't want to nominate yourself in one of the many elections held at the SU. Each of the tabs below explains in more detail about how to make your ideas a reality:

Any student can propose a motion to change or improve something at Warwick SU, the University and beyond.

If a motion passes, it becomes SU policy for 3 years and representatives from the SU must try to enact those changes.

There are 3 parts to a motion: 

  • This Union notes... are facts and information about the topic, backed up by sources and references (e.g. "This Union notes Warwick SU only has buildings on Warwick University Campus")
  • This Union believes... details what stance the Union should take (e.g. "This Union believes Warwick SU should have a building off campus for students not able to get to campus")
  • This Union resolves... lists any actions the Union should take and who should do it (e.g. "This Union resolves to mandate the Democracy & Development Officer to investigate the possibility of having an SU building off campus")
Download Motion Template


If you are happy with your motion, please send it to

Once your motion is received, it goes to Impact Assessment, who check the motion for legal, reputational and financial implications and ask for amendments based on any perceived issues.

When your motion has been amended according to Impact Assessment, it gets sent to the Democracy Exec, who review the motion, propose improvements and steer the motion to other relevant SU Execs to review and propose amendments.

The motion will then go to Student Council, who discuss the motion and vote on whether to pass it or not, or whether to send it to an All Student Vote for all students to vote on.

If the motion passes at Student Council or an All Student Vote, it becomes active policy.

A petition can also be used to change something at Warwick SU, University and beyond. A petition is still written like a motion and still receives an Impact Assessment, but has the ability to bypass Student Council and go straight to an All Student Vote

A petition goes straight to an All Student Vote (after being impact assessed) if it receives signatures from at least 1% of Warwick University students

What Funding is available?

There are 3 pots of money you can bid from to fund your ideas and projects

  • £4000 SU Project Fund
  • £4000 SU Campaigns Fund
  • £5000 University and SU Environmental Sustainability Fund

These pots are adminstered by the SU Development Exec, made up of 6 directly elected students, the Environment and Ethics Officer and the Democracy and Development Officer

You should only apply for funding if your project is due to take place in the same Academic term

Be aware that other students will be bidding for moeny from the same pots, so the Development Exec would be unlikely to fund the entirety of the pot to your project

Which fund applies to my project?

The SU Project Fund is available to any member/ group of members of the SU, and will be awarded to projects that aim to further the SU's core aims and values. Projects should enhance the experience of Warwick students as students, on campus and in the community. Projects should be one-off endeavours or start-ups.

The SU Campaigns Fund is available to any member / group of members of the SU. Funds will be given to campaigns that help further the SU's core aims and values. Campaigns should enhance the experience of Warwick students as students, on campus and in the community. Campaigns should be new or one-off

The University and SU Environment and Sustainability Fund has been provided by the Warwick Estates Office. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to initiatives that promote sustainability, which should fall under a priority of the University Environment Team.

Want to Apply for Funding?

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Complete your funding application here

If your Funding bid is successful, you MUST reclaim your funding before the deadline specified by the Development Exec, otherwise that money will be released back into the pot

What happens next?

You will:

  • Receive an email confirmation that your bid has been received
  • Be invited to the next SU Development Exec meeting, where your application will be considered and you will have the chance to answer any questions
  • Receive an email with the SU Development Exec's decision, and any conditions on receiving the funding. The Development Exec use Regulation 5 - Funding Bid Regulations to make their decision
What makes a Good Funding Bid?

In general, here are some points to consider when writing your application


  • Be specific about the costs involved e.g. "return train travel from London to Coventry - £30"
  • Research your costs and request quotes. Any quotes or proof of costs can be emailed to
  • Clearly differentiate any costs that you are NOT requesting funding for
  • Be clear about your project/ campaign aims and how they benefit students
  • Consider the timeline of your project / camapign carefully


  • Request funding for alcohol
  • Apply for funding for projects that do not impact students as students
  • Apply for funding for events or projects that are recurring events or projects
  • Inflate your costs - it doesn't make it more likely you will be funded
  • Apply at the last minute - allow at least 4 weeks in term time
  • Forget to reclaim any funds granted
What's the money reimbursement process?

If your bid is successful you can request reimbursement of agreed costs. Usuaully, students will purchase the items / materials etc themselves and then complete a money request form to get that money back. If this is not possible, we can work with the student on the best way of ensuring they have the money for their project / campaign.

Any money you are requesting as a result of a successful bid must be accompanied with proof of purchase / costs.

If you become aware that you will not require all of the funding allocated, please let us know so that we can make them avaialble to other groups.

Dates for your diary
  • Funding Bid deadline: Monday 28th October, midday
  • Funding Bid Decision Meeting: Wednesday 30th October, 2pm, Meeting Room 1 SUHQ
  • Funding Bid deadline: Monday 18th November, midday
  • Funding Bid Decision Meeting: Wednesday 20th November, 2pm, Meeting Room 1 SUHQ
  • Funding Bid deadline: Monday 13th January, midday
  • Funding Bid Decision Meeting: Wednesday 15th January, 2pm, Meeting Room 1 SUHQ
  • Funding Bid deadline: Monday 2nd March, midday
  • Funding Bid Decision Meeting: Wednesday 4th March, 2pm, Meeting Room 1 SUHQ
  • Funding Bid deadline: Monday 27th April, midday
  • Funding Bid Decision Meeting: Wednesday 29th April, 2pm, Meeting Room 1 SUHQ