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Remington Spa



SU democracy

  • All SU policy passed with at least 10% support of all students. Not <3%.
  • A photograph of the SU President over every bed, not just in the SU building (so people actually know who they are)
  • All of the litter around campus created by the elections must be cleaned up by the candidate who came last for each position

Food and drink

  • Focus on SU services and value – not bans and boycotts
  • Build the ‘Remington Bar’ which undercuts the Dirty Duck on drink prices
  • Replace Rootes Grocery Store with cheaper alternatives such as M&S Simply Food or Waitrose.

Welfare and liberation:

  • A Hunger Games-style cannon every time somebody drops out: to boost the morale and happiness of those who stay (see video demonstration here)
  • Oppose the politicisation of SU welfare and liberation services
  • I am the only slightly ethnic/BME/PoC candidate for President

International Students

  • Offer the services international students actually want: careers advice, global integration, welfare, and better societies support. Not just narrow identity politics.
  • Improve engagement with Chinese, East Asian and ASEAN students: a large, dynamic section of the student body, largely underrepresented and ignored by the SU.


  • Give socs execs more freedom to raise/spend money and invite speakers
  • Stand for free speech and academic debate on our campus


  • Build the ‘Remington Spa’ student village (sponsored by Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.)
  • Diversify Whitefields: Rename it Blackfields, Brownfields, Yellowfields etc.

"Because structural oppression is a bigger deal than structural integrity."

Transport and busses

  • Lobby the university to lobby Warwick District Council to lobby Warwickshire County Council to lobby the Department of Transport to build a High Speed 2 branch-line from Kenilworth to campus.
  • ‘Remington Car’: I promise to give lifts to everybody who votes for me

Finance and Security

  • Raise money for the SU by commercialising the Koan: produce Koan-shaped action figures and sex-toys.
  • Only support #copsoffcampus if it refers to Warwick SU’s morality police


  • Create the ‘Remington Par’ 18-hole golf course on the fields behind Lakeside
  • Submit a bid to FIFA to host the 2026 Football World Cup. Warwick’s campus is a much more realistic host location than Qatar.

Being an edgy hipster

  • As President, I pledge to live in Canley and begin the up-market gentrification of this suburb of Coventry.
  • All lectures and seminars to be recorded (on vinyl only)

Warwick supremacy

  • We’ll build a big beautiful wall – and make Coventry Uni pay for it
  • Forget Woxbridge… I guarantee we’ll be the best university in the world

Far-left student activism

  • Nationalise WBS and redistribute its wealth to humanities and sociology
  • Compulsory privilege checks for anybody entering SU buildings

High Church Anglicanism

  • Restore the 1672 Test Act for all those who wish to hold Warwick SU office
  • Remington Falalalala: a Christmas carol service to be held in the Copper Rooms


Virtue and Endorsements:

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.