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Isaac Leigh

Isaac for President - making your voice louder

Hey! I'm Isaac, your current Societies Officer, and this year I'm running to be your SU President.

We all know that University isn't just about your degree: it's about finding yourself, finding your friends, and having the time of your life! As President, I would make sure that nothing is out of your reach while you live and study at Warwick.

You need a president who can make tough decisions. However, after a general election, it's also crucial we have someone who helps students make their voices heard on our campus and on a national scale. My experience as an officer means you can trust me to stand up for you. It would be a privilege to make sure your voice is heard over such an exciting year ahead.

The SU should be there to support you with whatever you're going through, and with whatever you want to achieve. Looking after over 250+ societies this year has told me what problems students come up against on a daily basis - but it's also shown me that students can truly do anything.

I know what it takes to bring out the best in your Union, and bring out the best in you - so vote Isaac for President, to make your voice louder!
My Experience...

Here are just some of the things I've done this year as your Societies Officer:

> Ran the most successful Societies Fair - voted as the best event of the Freshers' Fortnight - 82% claiming it was good or excellent

> Secured SU funding for a RAG Co-ordinator for 2015/16 to vastly improve fundraising support for clubs and societies

> Planned and negotiated a new, improved and cheaper Societies Awards 2015, which will deliver more for your money

> Led a skyrocketing increase in postgraduate engagement within societies

> Organised and often delivered new weekly training sessions for society execs - how to run balls, tours, resolve conflict, construct funding bids and more

> Created the first ever termly SocsFed Newsletter delivered to all of Societies Federation and senior University staff - Societies Awards shouldn't be the only time we celebrate society achievements

> Lobbied MPs to secure their support for our taxi campaign

> Last but by no means least - been a friendly and approachable face to any and every student who has needed my help with a society-related or personal problem

My Top 5...

1. Buses
Push for students to be refunded for really late buses - just like the Transport for London system.
2. University Management
Set up a termly Question Time with the Vice-Chancellor so your voices can be conveyed directly.
3. Freshers' Week
Deliver the first ever proper Freshers' Week at Warwick, free of lectures and seminars - also helping sports clubs and societies recruit more members earlier.
4. Nights out
Make the Copper Rooms about more than just Pop and Skool Dayz, and consult you properly on what nights out you want.
5. Warwick Sport Review
I'll work to find out and clearly communicate the benefits that the Sport Review is providing for sport at Warwick.
Your Union...

PROBLEM: The Stagecoach bus service remains unacceptable, hindering your ability to get to lectures, seminars, and more.

SOLUTION: Ensure students are refunded by Stagecoach for really late buses - the same system run by Transport for London. I will create a petition for this and get it endorsed by MPs and councillors: this needs to happen.

PROBLEM: Communication between students and University management needs to be improved.

SOLUTION: Set up a termly Question Time with the Vice-Chancellor and/or Registrar to hold them to account and ensure that your voices are conveyed directly.

PROBLEM: First-years have to attend lectures and seminars in their first week of university, when they should be just settling in and enjoying themselves.

SOLUTION: I will deliver the first ever proper Freshers' Week at Warwick, free of lectures and seminars, with day-time activities led by sports clubs and societies. This will help to integrate home, international and postgraduate students.

PROBLEM: We need to offer more than just Pop and Skool Dayz for nights out.

SOLUTION: Consult you properly on what nightlife you would like to see - and implement new club nights based on your suggestions.

PROBLEM: Students who need welfare advice often aren't sure who to go to.

SOLUTION: Invest in promoting the brilliant services of the Advice Centre so students know that the SU is a safe and open environment for them. Student welfare is so important - and we offer free, confidential service to look after it.

PROBLEM: The University need to show commitment to being environmentally friendly.

SOLUTION: Properly hold the university to account for their emissions, and ensure that green space taken up by new buildings will be replaced elsewhere.

PROBLEM: Sabbatical officers need to talk directly to students more, especially first-years and postgraduates.

SOLUTION: I will ensure that officers visit halls three times a term - at the beginning, mid-way through and the end of the term - to ask what your Union can do for you, any issues you've faced and what we can do to improve.

PROBLEM: We need to do more to celebrate black history and culture at Warwick.

SOLUTION: Build on the fantastic work done this year by making Black History Month a large-scale annual event each year at the SU.

Your Course...

PROBLEM: Not all personal tutors attend training. If you're paying £9,000 a year to study, you deserve someone who is trained to look after your welfare and be able to help you properly!

SOLUTION: Make sure all personal tutors attend training before the start of each academic year.

PROBLEM: Hidden course costs remain a serious issue for students.

SOLUTION: I will work with the Education Officer to put more core textbooks online to reduce the already massive cost of studying.

PROBLEM: The Postgraduate Hub is a great space for postgrads, but it is only open on weekdays.

SOLUTION: I will ensure the opening hours for the PG Hub are extended to weekends so postgraduates can truly own this learning and community space

PROBLEM: As more and more students arrive at the University, there is less and less space for proper teaching facilities.

SOLUTION: I will ensure the new teaching space on Tocil Field provides not just lecture rooms, but properly-equipped seminar rooms and flexible dining areas. Your £9,000 fees need to be put to proper use!

PROBLEM: The SU needs to place more emphasis on enhancing your employability and helping you plan your future.

SOLUTION: Build on my extensive work this year in strengthening collaboration with Student Careers and Skills by putting on termly employability and careers workshops for students.

Your Community...

PROBLEM: Landlords continue to rip off students and provide sub-standard accommodation.

SOLUTION: Develop the brilliant new Letting Agent Accreditation Scheme, alongside the annual 'Rate Your Landlord' survey, so students don't have to deal with woeful landlords.

PROBLEM: There is still no zebra crossing by Tesco near Cannon Park.

SOLUTION: Lobby the council to ensure that this extremely dangerous situation is rectified: you need to feel safe both on and around campus.

PROBLEM: Warwick SU doesn't take full advantage of the power it wields in conveying students' issues to MPs.

SOLUTION: Ensure that sabbatical officers write regular briefings to MPs so tangible change can be affected beyond campus, in areas such as Leamington, Coventry and beyond.

Your Societies & Sports Clubs...

PROBLEM: The Sport Review is here to stay, but there are still too many unanswered questions about how it is improving your experience of sport at Warwick.

SOLUTION: Work with Warwick Sport to clearly communicate how the Sport Review is helping students.

PROBLEM: We need to better support societies, clubs and individuals who want to fundraise.

SOLUTION: Recruit a paid RAG Co-ordinator to provide dedicated support to charity collections: a position I have secured investment in for 2015/16.

PROBLEM: Performance societies need more space to rehearse.

SOLUTION: I will ensure that the Copper Rooms can be used to rehearse in the day - it currently just lies empty.

PROBLEM: Students on Erasmus currently have to pay SocsFed and Warwick Sport fees simply to receive emails and to stand in club/society elections.

SOLUTION: Waive these fees for students on Erasmus, to encourage them to reintegrate in activities for their final year.

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.