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Hi, I'm Maahwish and I'm running to be your Education Officer!

I really want to hear your views and opinions, so please make sure you check out my Facebook page or website and leave me a message. Or come and find me during elections week and scribble me a note on the whiteboard!

I'll also be posting more videos on my Facebook page for you to check out, and I promise they'll be something a little different to your usual campaign video! 

My Experience:

First year:

  • Elected to the National Union of Students' (NUS) Women's Committee, working on nation-wide campaigns to better the university experiences of students across the country. 
  • Talks Coordinator, Warwick Higher Education Summit.
  • Student Progression Ambassador, going into local schools to talk about higher education options with students from widening-participation backgrounds.

Second year:

  • Re-elected on to NUS Women's Committee.
  • Elected Ethnic Minorities Officer.
  • Summit Coordinator, Warwick Universities Summit.

Final year:

  • Deputy Talks Coordinator at Warwick Economics Summit.
  • Founded and President of Warwick Anti-Racism Society.
  • Fundraising Campaign Shift Supervisor at Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Along with all this, for the past three years I've also been working at Student Calling, fundraising for the university's many philanthropic projects and ensuring things like Scholarships, the Student Hardship Fund, Warwick in Africa and our many funds for academic, personal and social development are kept well-funded.

All of my experience has given me the necessary skills and knowledge to know how to represent you, and has given me a great sense of awareness of the breadth and scope of what a university as great as Warwick can do. I want to be actively involved in making Warwick - and your Warwick story - better!

Feedback and Assessment Back to top
  1. Encourage better quality feedback from tutors.

    We've all been there when we've had a prolonged essay crisis and receive only a few lines of feedback! I'd push for a better breakdown of marks, and I know that this is necessary for you to better your next performance. I'd take a look into this and work to ensure that all departments are as efficient as possible.

  2. Feedback on exam performance - encourage all departments to offer feedback on exam performance, particularly e-feedback.

    While the feeling of your exams being over can be incredible, when you get your results months later without an explanation of where you did well and where you went wrong you can feel a little lost as to how to better yourself for next time. We're in the 21st century - getting e-feedback on your exams and assessments is absolutely crucial to work on.

  3. Encourage university departments to publish exam timetables earlier, as well as pushing to make sure all student timetables are distributed prior to the beginning of an academic term.

Contact Hours Back to top
  1. Continue fighting for better quality contact hours.

    With a rise in fees across the board but little change in terms of the quality of our contact hours, our degrees should be about more than just self-study. Being able to study independently is a valuable skill to have, but having only a few contact hours a week can mean very little guidance, especially if those hours are not up to scratch. Across the board we have to ensure that we're getting better value for our money.

  2. Lobby for better provision of teaching and studying spaces.

    There's nothing worse than being crammed into a small seminar room with twenty other people, trying not to elbow the person next to you as you make your notes! Better teaching, learning and studying places are vital, and I'd push to make sure that this isn't neglected. The new teaching building and flexible 'Dining Grid' space shows that progress on lobbying for new spaces can be made, and I'd keep this momentum going.

Resources and Support Back to top
  1. Push for better quality academic resources in the library.

    Remember that time your essay was due in 24 hours and you rushed to the library to find that all three of those copies of the core textbook were out? I'd push for better provision of resources, especially greater access to e-resources, so that there's a greater and fairer chance of gaining access to key resources.

  2. Increasing support for and awareness of mental health.

    Exams and assessments can be stressful, and it is a truth universally acknowledged that a student caught in the throes of term three must be in want of a healthy lifestyle. Life at university can be stressful, and I think this is not just an issue for the Welfare Sabb. I'd push to make sure that everyone's aware of the help that is available, and to ensure that academic departments are sensitive to the important issue of mental health.

Careers and Finance Back to top
  1. Work to support and expand Warwick's outreach programmes.

    I believe that diversity is key to our success as a public instituion, and we should not lose any bright minds to the barrier of finance. Warwick has a great record in terms of outreach, but there's still a lot of work to be done. I'd push to make sure that this record strengthens and improves.

  2. Work to build awareness of the work of the Careers' Service, and also push for more non-finance sector careers fairs and workshops.

    The Careers' Service does a brilliant job - but sometimes no one ever knows what's going on! That means that we're missing out on some incredible chances to better our employability skills and knowledge, and I'd work to ensure their work is adequately publicised. Secondly, While Warwick's links with the finance sector means some excellent opportunities for our graduates, sometimes other career sectors don't get as much attention. If finance isn't your thing, you should still be able to find a careers fair or event relevant to you. I'd push to make sure that this is the case.

The SU Back to top
  1. Work on publishing "hidden course costs".

    Every year students across departments, undergrad and postgrad alike, are faced with surprise costs which seem to suddenly spring up on you. Whether this is for field trips, lab coats, CRB checks, seminar handouts or all the money we end up spending on books, those costs can really add up. The reality is that current loans don't always cover all of this, let alone in combination with accommodation and basic living needs. I'd push to make sure that there is greater transparency about these costs, especially for students about to start at Warwick. Doing this means students can be better prepared, and we can work on combating these extra costs through things like second-hand book sales.

  2. Update training for SSLC Reps and explore better avenues for student engagement with elected course representatives.

    The work SSLC Representatives do is brilliant - but all too often it can go unrecognised, or it can be a little too hard to get in touch with your Rep. The Education Officer can't be in every department, so the network of SSLC Reps is vital. I'd work to better connect you with your Rep, and also better their training. Being thrown into the deep end once you've been elected Rep isn't a great position to be in, so I'd work to make sure adequate training is available.

  3. My "Open Door" policy.

    Building on everything that I've already said, it can sometimes be difficult to know who to approach when you've got a problem related to your degree. I want to hear what you have to say - whether it's a problem you're having, some feedback you have, or if you're feeling stressed because of work and need someone to talk to. I'll always have my office door open when I'm not in a private meeting or drowning in important work, meaning that you are always welcome to walk in and talk through any issues that you're having.


Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, and I really look forward to meeting you during elections week to talk to you about your experiences! Remember to take a look at my Facebook page for updates, and Tweet me @maahwishforedu. Voting opens on Wednesday, so vote Maahwish for Education! 


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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.