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Ben Sundell for President - for a brighter Union :D

Ben Sundell for President
Community Campus
Course Experience
-   Students are being charged excessive prices, and often receive poor service and conditions – I’ll develop a ‘Rate Your House’ review system on the SU website so you can: review your properties, landlords and estate agents; leave comments and likes about how your experience with the property; and help you and your friends make the most informed choices in an easy interactive way.

-   The bus services aren’t value for money - I will explore an extension of the National Express services to provide more competition for Stagecoach; and seek to establish a long term strategy for a full University run alternative.

-   Demand and campaign for a better and more reliable weekend bus service to help those who want to get to the library or do sports and societies at weekends; and fight to get better vacation services – our postgraduate students shouldn’t be forgotten!

-   Develop a buddy system - similar to many other Universities successes - where current international students are paired with new incoming ones as a point of contact, support and friendship.

-   Grow the Love Community campaign and ensure that the Union is proactive in getting students involved in developing and helping their local area. Create an Inter-hall social action competition – getting Freshers involved straight away in making a difference here.

-   One World Week is one of the most vibrant and diverse student events. I want to ensure that the Union gives the best support and training we can to our volunteers to help them continue to make it and increasing success.
-   Often we’re on campus along time in the day – we shouldn’t have to buy hot food every time. I will push the University for a space with microwaves and hot water readily available for students, so that you can heat up food from home.

-   Ensure the ‘Tesco Price Match’ initiative is fully implemented at Costcutter, and campaign for its extension to ensure that food and drink is more affordable for you.

-   Develop an alert system in the Dirty Duck and the Terrace Bar that lets you know when the bus is on its way, so you can finish your drink and don’t need to run!

-   Happy Hour shouldn’t just be for the Terrace Bar, I will extend it to make sure there are cheaper drinks available in the Dirty Duck too.

-   This year we’ve managed to increase availability for societies using the Copper Rooms as rehearsal space. I want to continue the good work and get portable mirrors to make sure we do everything we can to cater for our members.

-   Make it easier for you to get value for money by getting more Eating at Warwick machines around campus.
-   I will campaign hard to get all lectures recorded. Whether you are ill, at a sports match, or just want to go over things again, lets make sure we take advantage of technology to make sure your learning is enhanced as much as it can be.

-   I will push for more funding from the University to get longer opening hours in the Postgraduate Hub and in the Leamington Learning Grid to give you more flexibility with your studying.

-   I will continue to pressure the University to ensure that you get quality feedback on your work, and push to cut turnaround times even further.

-   Welfare and Campaigns Officer 2012/13

-    As Welfare and Campaigns Officer, this year we ran the most successful Housing Campaign ever! Over 1000 of you came to the Housing Day, we've had a surge in people using the Advice Centre to have contracts checked and seek help. Landlords and estate agents have commented that the Housing Campaign really seems to have worked this year.

-    We have also made developments to the Mental Health provision - with IAPT running a 4 week wellbeing course in Term 2, and will be doing another in Term 3, as well as drop ins all throughout exam time.

-    All year, I've been standing up for you at landlords, community and residents forums and working with the Police to help keep you safe.

-    Launched the Love Community campaign

-   Established the successful Campaigns Convention

-   Engaged student parents and carers with the SU with Coffee mornings and drop in sessions

-    Ran a hugely successful Crime Survey to help you keep your property and belongings safe

-    I have also got alot of experience of leading and making a difference with other things I have done. I was President of Salsa and President of Politics societies when I was a student. I have also been involved in the Homeless Shelter at St. Marys in Leamington. Before I came to University, I worked near London as a full time Youth Worker and loved being able to help young people.

I really want to do this job, because I am passionate about making a difference and helping people. I want to help the community, make a difference to your campus, and help you get the most out of your course, so please...


Vote Ben Sundell for President - for a brighter Union :D


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