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I'm Lucy Gill and this year I'm running to be your Postgraduate Officer! I've been at Warwick for 4 years now - I graduated with my first History degree last year, and then stayed on to complete an MA in History. This year I've run the Union's Social Enterprise Project, been an SSLC rep, sat on the STARS of Warwick committee, helped to organise the History Postgrad Conference and worked on SUHQ reception! 

We've made a great start with getting postgraduates engaged with the union, and I'd love to continue this good work as your Postgrad Officer next year. 

For updates about what I'm up to during the week, search 'Lucy for PG Officer' on Facebook. I'd love to hear from you this week!



1. Improving the Postgraduate Association

-          A centralised PGA website, detailing all our events and campaigns, to raise awareness about what the PGA is doing.

-          PGA-led welcome events during Freshers Fortnight to integrate postgraduates into the SU community from their arrival. 

-          Establish a regular programme of events, trips and socials including speed networking, Saturday Sessions, discussion groups, trips to the local area and welfare drop-ins.

-          A termly Postgraduate Convention, to raise the profile of the PGA and bring together our community to discuss welfare and campaign issues, feedback on the work of the PG Officer and raise issues to be discussed by our PGA Council Reps


2. Keeping the SU open over the Vacation Period

-          Postgraduate degrees have varied timetables, often differing from the traditional undergraduate academic year, and many postgraduates are in residence or working on campus during the vacation period.

-          The SU currently provides very little in the way of social provision during the vacation period.

-          I would aim to run a fortnightly Saturday Sessions and Postgraduate Bus Stops in the Terrace Bar to maintain our community during vacation.

-          Weekly Coffee in Curiositea drop-ins during vacations, to ensure that the Postgraduate voice is still heard when the SU is shut.


3.‘Find a Housemate Event’

-          Postgraduate home students are not guaranteed a room on campus and returning home and international postgrads are not eligible for campus accommodation.

-          Many postgraduate students are new to Warwick, and may not know the surrounding area or know anyone they are able to share a house with.

-          We need to provide support for students looking for accommodation before the beginning of term.

-          A ‘Find a Housemate’ residential weekend should be held before Welcome Week.

-          The weekend should combine housing advice and support with social activities such as speed networking, pub quizzes and a club night to help students meet potential housemates.



-          Short term contracts and low pay undervalue postgraduate research students that teach. I will fight to make sure that PGR teachers are paid fully for the teaching and marking they do and are not used as cheap labour by departments.

-          I pledge to lobby the university to improve support, pay and conditions to make sure that PGRs are adequately reimbursed for their work.

-          I will hold regular drop-in sessions for Postgraduate Teachers to ensure that their concerns can be addressed and we can approach the university with evidence. I will also use the results of the recent NUS survey on PG teaching to shape my approach to the university.

-          Work with the PG Hub to develop joint networking sessions for postgraduate teachers, creating a support network where ideas and concerns can be shared.

-          Improving PGR teaching conditions not only improves university life for PGRs, but will directly benefit Undergraduates through improving the quality of teaching that they receive.



-          High fees and a lack of funding are restricting access to essential postgraduate qualifications

-          I would work with the NUS to lobby for a national government loan system to make sure everyone can access PG study.

-          Lobby the university to increase investment in PGT funding in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

-          Work with the PG Hub to expand their mentoring scheme across all departments, to provide greater support and training for PGTs applying for PGR funding and scholarships.



-          Longer opening hours - I would like to the see the PG Hub open at the weekends.

-          Investigate the possibility of 24 hour opening for the PG Hub.

-          Encourage the use of the Hub for student-led conferences, symposiums and events.

-          There is currently a shortage of core textbooks in the library. I would like to see a stock of textbooks in the PG Hub.

-          The Hub is a great space for shared, communal working but is lacking in quiet and silent study areas and computer workstations. I will lobby for PG-only spaces in all new study areas.

-          Work for continued investment in study space both on and off campus, both for UGs and PGs. I will fight for further Library expansion and investigate the possibility of study space at Westwood campus and in Coventry.



-          Applying for postgraduate study can be daunting and we need to make sure that students are supported in their course and funding applications.

-          I would aim to establish a mentoring system, where UGs are partnered with PGTs in the same department or faculty to support them through the application process.

-          Better publicity and recognition for the URSS scheme, which allows undergraduate students vital experience of research.

-          Work with the PG Hub, Careers and Skills and academic departments to develop a programme of taster sessions and workshops to encourage students to consider postgraduate study.

-          Ensure that careers advice considers potential postgraduate study  as well as a wide range of a careers. Advice needs to address that fact that not all postgraduates do not want to go into academia and provide help to access a wide variety of careers.




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