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Candidate for the position of Societies Officer

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ANT SCOTT (Ant for Socs)

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About me
Hi I’m Ant, a 3rd year PPE student, and I’m running to be your next Societies Officer! Societies have been a massive part of my time here at Warwick and I believe there are a number of things we can change to help improve the experience of societies for all students on campus.

I have 3 years’ worth of SU experience spanning across many areas of student life, so I feel I am the best placed to look after the 230+ societies we have here at Warwick. Here are just some of the things I’ve been up to in my 3 years here:

- CHAIR of Societies Committee 2012/13
- SU Part Time Officer 2012/13
- PRESIDENT of Rag 2011/12
- Freshers’ Supervisor 2012
- Student Council 2012/13
- Curiositea Team Leader 2012/13
- Curiositea/Bread Oven Team Member 2011/12
- Freshers’ Helper 2011/12
- OWW Fashion Show 2012/13
- RaW Radio Presenter 2010/11
- RAG Publicity Team 2010/11
- OWW Festival Team Member 2010/11
- Active member of 12 Societies & 2 Sports Clubs

My manifesto is focussed on five key areas that affect a wide range of societies, but I have also considered society-specific challenges. Please check out what I have to offer below, or if you’re short on time feel free to just watch the videos.
My Big Five Areas
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1. Cut Red Tape

- Societies at Warwick currently face a mountain of red-tape which constrain
   the potential of execs to put on activities for their members - but it doesn’t
   have to be that way!

- Replace outdated paper exec forms with an online system for submission.

- Store Event Planning forms electronically to assist future execs who put on
   the same event one year later.

- Create an online room booking system for SU venues and Meeting Rooms.

- Make it easier to start new societies with an electronic application process.

- Establish a Sabb “Office Hour” that society execs can book to meet with me
   to discuss their challenges, plans and events.
2. Marketing

- Our societies put on some of the best talks, socials and events in the UK, but
   many activities are poorly attended due to a lack of effective marketing
   by societies - there are little things that we can do which will have a
   massive impact on attendance.

- Invite social media experts and hold marketing workshop training for
   Society execs during Socs Convention.

- Send a weekly email advertising the “Top 5” Society Events in that week to
   all students.

- Expand the provision of digital boards and screens throughout campus.

- Set up a Societies Facebook Page to co-ordinate publicity across this
3. Space

- Our Music & Performance societies are some of the best in the UK, but right
   now they are being held back by a lack of rehearsal space.

- The long-term solution will always be to lobby the University for more
for societies in future build projects - but there are still things we
   can do now to improve the situation!

- Make use of under-utilised University space such as the Panorama Room and
   Helen Martin Studio in the Arts Centre which lie empty for as much as 40%
   of term-time.

- Introduce portable mirrors to transform The Copper Rooms into a useable
   venue for dancing societies.

- Make more efficient use of the existing spaces we do have through online
   booking to ensure that rooms don’t get double-booked and to prevent rooms
   from lying empty.

- Work more closely with Music Societies and the Arts Centre to sort out a
   solution to the Instrument-storage problem - you shouldn’t have to climb
   over other instruments to get to yours.
4. Finance

- Sponsorship is crucial for societies to fund their activities throughout the
   year, yet we are typically rubbish at attracting corporate sponsorship - it
   doesn’t have to be this way!

- Create a centralised sponsorship database that gives all societies access to
   the contact details of sponsors.

- Invite the graduate recruiters of big firms like Deloitte, Ernst & Young and
   Clifford Chance to Socs Convention - they receive hundreds of sponsorship
   applications every year and know what they’re looking for - let’s get them
   to tell us
in a workshop which boxes we need to tick and let’s get better at
   getting funding for society activities.

And what about finance issues for you if you’re just a member …?

- The £14 SocsFed fee is necessary to run society activities at Warwick, but
   let’s bring back multi-year discounts so that a 3 year membership doesn’t
   cost you £42, but costs you less!

- Give value-for-money for this membership by improving the quality of
   society activity on campus.
5. Member Retainment

- 43% of Warwick Students are members of societies, but many disengage with
   them throughout the year and don’t receive the full-benefit from them that
   they can.

- Let’s not just focus on increasing society participation; first let’s give better
   service and value-for-money for the 43% of students who are already

- Formalising Society Circling is one way to bring society members together
   more regularly.

- Setting up Inter-Society Forums for similar societies is an effective way to
   increase collaboration between execs, to share the responsibility of putting
   on large events and increase attendance.

- Revamp society training by holding workshops for execs during their Socs

- We need to also give Societies recognition for their good work by publishing
   their successes in the “Soc of the Week” and by giving space in the Union
   for societies to display their trophies.
More information for specific societies (click for more info)
Welfare, Charity, Action & Campaigning Societies
"The charity work that Ant’s done has been crucial to the longevity and success of Warwick student fundraising."
- These societies have been thriving in the last few years due to greater support from Warwick Hub, the Inter-Charity Society Forum, and the work of some excellent Societies Officers.

- Charity & Campaigning needs to continue to take a central place in WarwickSU so that we can continue to raise more money for charities and affect the world around us.

- Warwick HUB has been an excellent resource for engaging more students in ethical activity. We need to increase our communication and co-operation with HUB to make sure that our relationship is working effectively for the good of the student population.

- I feel I am best placed to support these societies because of my experience as President of RAG and my involvement in Warwick Hub and the Inter-Charity Society Forum.
Academic Societies
"Ant’s policy of cutting red-tape would save me so much time, and my society so many resources."
- Lobby the University to better integrate departments with societies.

- Introducing opt-out membership of your academic society.

- Establishing an Inter-Academic Society Forum to bring execs together twice a term to encourage collaboration with talks, careers events and socials.

- Encouraging all academic societies to have both fresher reps and postgraduate exec members to mentor future execs and draw from the experience of older students.

- Updating the ticketing system for balls on the SU Website so that it registers dietary requirements upon purchase so that execs don’t have to re-email all those who have bought tickets to obtain this important information.
Food and Drink Societies
"I’m supporting Ant because his ideas would have had a massive impact on my society."
- Food & Drink societies are often overlooked due to their small size and number, but there’s so much more we can help them with!

- Administration and red-tape is a big struggle for these execs and reducing the burden of this will help these societies put on larger events, engaging more students.

- Work hard to bring these societies closer together so that events can be better attended by students who have similar tastes and interests.
Activities and Games Societies

- Showcase these societies better in the Freshers’ period by establishing a specialist fair for activities & games to engage those who are unsure of what they do.

- Encourage and promote “Pick & Mix” taster sessions for these societies to be constantly exposed to new potential members.
Cultural Societies
"I really like Ant’s idea of formalising society circles as ... it would engage more members in societies like mine."
- Encouraging more co-operation between cultural societies through an Inter-Cultural Society Forum where execs from cultural societies could meet up twice a term to co-ordinate their activities.

- The Forum would also help co-ordination for World@Warwick events and One World Week.

- Formalising society circling would also provide wider awareness for the diverse range of cultural societies we have here at Warwick and should encourage stronger engagement in their activities.
Music and Performance Societies
"Ant’s policy on making under-utilised rooms like the Panorama Room and Copper Rooms ... would be massively, massively useful. "
- Rehearsal and performance space is such a big issue, that I’ve focussed on it as one of the top five areas of this manifesto - if you’ve missed my solutions, scroll back to the “Space” section at the top.

- Additionally, establishing forums for dance, music & performance societies will increase our bargaining power when we try to get a better deal from the Arts Centre and the University for your societies.
Media Societies
"I believe he’s the most experienced candidate and I trust him to look after my society next year."
- Help integrate societies by working more closely with film & media to showcase recent student achievements and society news.

- Work with the Careers and Skills departments to improve the support and advice we can give to all those who want to pursue a career in media/journalism.
Religious and Belief Societies

- Help show that these societies are not religiously exclusive and advertise the help they can offer to students.

- Make sure the good work of these societies is not hindered, by cutting down on red-tape.
Hall Societies

- Introducing opt-out membership of hall societies for Freshers.

- Elected hall society Presidents should stay in their halls for the following year to co-ordinate the arrival of Freshers over summer and to create a hall community spirit from day one.

- Increase the number of inter-hall competitions and events.
Summits, Festivals and Forums
"I really like Ant’s emphasis on increasing collaboration between societies and events ... so that events aren’t too daunting to put on."
- Reducing the bureaucratic burden of running these festivals and summits will give more time and resources to execs to develop creative and new ideas.

- Bringing Coordinators of these high profile events together through a committee will also help to share new ideas, solve common problems and help support each other.

- Make the booking of rooms and resources easier by collating the information in one place.

- Updating the ticketing system for balls on the SU Website so that it registers dietary requirements upon purchase so that execs don’t have to re-email all those who have bought tickets to obtain this important information.

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.