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Erin Davies

  • I’m a 4th year Law and Sociology Student; I’ve spent 3 years on Student Council; one as Chair and two years as the Academic Representative for the Social Sciences. I was on my SSLC in my first year so really understand the way the university works.
  • All week I’ll be doing video updates; check out the YouTube link below; email me your questions and I’ll try to get video answers for them all. Come find me wearing green all week for a chat and let me know what I can do for you!

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  • Put quite simply, the library needs more core textbooks. More up-to-date textbooks. And where possible, an ebook version – I hate reading off a computer screen but when I’m searching frantically for a reference for an essay, having that option if I can’t find a printed book is very reassuring.
  • Obviously, we need more library space; the Rootes building learning grid is great, but during term 3, we need to know there’s adequate space for as many students as possible. A Leamington Learning space that is owned and operated by the University is a long term aim, in the short term, we need to convince the town hall to let it open before 12pm on a weekday.
  • There’s tonnes of software available to students via the library website; it should be made clear and easy to find, download and install. The training sessions for programmes like Endnote need to be made very open and available to all. On a tech point; our new printers are great, I’d love to get the computers running just as quickly.
  • Pink slips. Oh the pink slips. It’s really important to make sure people aren't saving spots for hours on end, but it’s also important to make sure we have time for a real lunch break, especially if you’re cramming for exams all day every day. I want to ban pink slips between the hours of 12-2 to allow you to take the break you need from the textbooks, without the worry of losing your workspace.
  • Where possible, I want the feedback to go “e”; getting my feedback online from a marker is great, I can read the comments really easily, making it easier to improve my essay technique.
  • Similarly, for heavily essay based subjects, I’d love to get rid of hard copy submission altogether; printing is a massive hidden course cost, is terrible for the environment, and you have queues trailing half way down the building.
  • The department websites can be a disaster. Some of them are really well put together and others are a nightmare to find anything on. I want to push departments to update the information sooner, and to make them clear and easy to use – particularly important if you’re doing an outside option.
  • Start.Warwick– you can’t get this on all phones. I love my blackberry but I hate that the university still hasn’t expanded the Start.Warwick app to it, or to windows. It’s SO useful to keep track of lectures/bus routes/snow warnings etc
  • The SSLC Portal page was supposed to be up and running by now. Due to issues beyond the SU’s control this hasn’t happened. I want to keep the pressure on to get this happening as soon as. In the meantime. I want to ensure that the University page is updated – I’m still linked as the Academic Rep for the Social Sciences.
  • The 4 week turn around on feedback is great. But I don’t want to sacrifice good feedback for the sake of fast feedback. I will keep the pressure on the departments to make sure that the feedback you get on essays, assignments and labs is actually useful to you. And we need to push for feedback on general essay skills, particularly in your first year, you need to know that you are writing in a way that will get you the grades you deserve.
  • Some course want more contact hours, some want less, some are happy with the time they have. The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that they want good contact hours. You want to leave your lecture feeling like it was useful. Or you want to feel like going at all. There’s no point in forcing out extra contact hours if it’s not quality contact time.
  • H.E.A.R. (Higher Education Achievement Report); these get added to your degree cert when you graduate. We need to work with the University to make sure they include as much of your extra curriculars as possible to help get you a job.
  • Warwick intern scheme; this year, the University invested in a scheme to help its graduates get work experience in the sectors they wanted, to get the vital work experience needed to get a job. We need to push this scheme to be bigger, and to be better advertised to the students.
  • The Careers Service can be a great resource, but not for all the courses; the service needs to be expanded to try and maximise the help that it can give to the students who are trying to go into unusual career paths.
  • I want timetables to be released sooner. It shouldn’t take until week 3 for you to have your finalised timetable. I also want to know when my exams are as soon as possible so I can start planning my revision – or post exam partying – in advance. I want to work with Central Timetabling to make this happen.
  • I also want to work with Central Timetabling to make it easier to book rooms; and more reliable. Double bookings happen too often.
  • Getting things improved for the postgraduates is really important. For the PG and the UG. By ensuring good training, fair pay, and fair hours, you can improve the quality of teaching a PG teacher gives to the UG students, and improve the teaching experience for the Postgrad. I want to work with the postgraduate officer to help lobby the University for better conditions for the postgraduate teachers.
  • Ensuring appropriate compensation for marking results in better UG feedback; requiring proper accreditation and proper training helps Postgrads and Undergrads immensely, let’s be honest, if they’re doing the work, it’s only fair that they receive the proper recognition.
  • Like many students, I’m addicted to coffee. But it gets expense, even with the eating@warwick discount. I want to push departments to ensure that there’s access to kettle and microwave facilities to all students. Also, I want to lobby Warwick Retail reduce the 50p charge for hot water, and to offer cheaper options for the food and drinks across campus.
  • Hopefully, you shouldn’t need your personal tutor, but if you do, you want to know that they’re able to help. Most staff are really good at this, but the personal tutor system still needs improvement. Where possible, you want the same tutor for the entirety of your degree – or even throughout the whole year. Tutees shouldn’t be assigned to staff when it’s well known they’re leaving for study leave half way through the academic year.
  • I really want seminar rooms to be left open during Easter break for revision; until we have a bigger library, it’s a necessity. You need to be able to find somewhere to revise, at any time over the holidays



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