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Anna Taylor




My Top 5 Priorities...

  • A more transparent SU which responds to student feedback
  • Mitigate the effect of the cost of living on our students
  • Consistent flexibility and access to learning across departments
  • Tackle the bus crisis so students can focus on what matters
  • More affordable societies and sports offerings with a better service


My Experience

  • Your current VP for Societies!
  • Events and Socials Coordinator at Warwick Student Cinema 21/22
  • English and History Graduate
  • Student Ambassador for 3 years


As your VP for Societies I have...

  • Successfully argued for Societies Federation income to be ringfenced in order to lower the fee for the coming academic year
  • Secured increased funding and expanded eligibility criteria for the Society Emergency Support Fund to support societies in financial hardship
  • Organised the first indoor Societies Fair since pre-COVID - around 14,000 students attended across the two days!
  • Organised and ran a Sexual Health and Guidance Festival (SHaG Fest!) to help promote related campaigns and destigmatise talking about sex and sexual health.
  • Secured increased staff support in the Student Activities Team to move towards a more effective service for students
  • Reintroduced, wrote, and co-delivered society and club welfare training


Your SU

  • I will implement a price freeze on specific staple offerings in our outlets such as pints and chips to ensure access to affordable food and drink in the Cost of Living Crisis.
  • Work with PTOs and Liberation and Community-Based societies to build a functional associations structure that works for underrepresented and minority groups, including PG and International Students and carers
  • Prioritise student welfare by reviewing the SU complaints procedure to provide a faster, fairer and more thorough service
  • Establish a more transparent and open dialogue between the union and students to more clearly communicate and tailor support for students


Your Money

  • Lobby on a national level for maintenance loan thresholds and allowances to rise in line with inflation, so our students can afford rising rent, utility, and food costs.
  • Lobby the university and work within the SU to provide more student-staff positions with flexible terms to provide more opportunity for income that doesn't impact study.
  • Extend my work to reduce Socs Fed and Sports Fed fees and look for feasible ways for Warwick Sport to reduce club pass fees to make the social and health benefits of sport more accessible.
  • Push for student rates on monthly payment plans and pay as you go service at the Sports Hub to give students a more flexible and affordable service.

Your Education

  • Tackle hidden course costs by lobbying the university to provide free access or signpost free alternatives for all software and required course materials to remove financial barriers to learning.
  • Secure and guarantee self-certifications for all departments, to accommodate the challenges students face in the current Cost of Living crisis and the effects of mental health and personal circumstances on academic performance.
  • Lobby the university to work proactively with UCU Warwick to limit the need for strike action and the subsequent effect on students, to facilitate the best of both teaching and learning.
  • Prioritise access to learning and academic flexibility by developing a consistent lecture capture policy for all departments.


Your Welfare

  • Tackle Bus Crisis - Work with the university to pressure Stagecoach to provide accurate bus tracking, deliver on promises of bus frequency, and increase service in peak times.
  • Lobby the university to invest more money in mental health services and early intervention wellbeing support, including a signposting network of mental health support services accessible to students across the region.
  • Develop a wider offering of sober socials and social offerings to tackle isolation and loneliness for students, including continuing my work to reduce Student Activities costs that hinder involvement in clubs and societies.
  • Tailored and culturally competent service - Expand diversity training for SU staff to ensure tailored support for marginalised and minority students across the union.


Your Clubs and Societies

  • Ensure fair circling allocations across all clubs and societies
  • Update and condense society training to be useful, interactive, and a tool for employability and transferrable skills.
  • Lobby the university for fixed, accessible storage space for clubs and socs in both current buildings and future campus planning.
  • Develop a central platform for clubs, societies and other student groups to advertise events and promote activity.



insta: anna.for.pres.23
discord: anna.taylor#5630

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.