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Candidate for the position of Vice President for Education

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Holly Roffe


Hol for Education
“Better education for all!”
Who am I?
I'm Holly, but most people call me Hol!
I'm a final-year Politics and International Studies student
I am a disability advocate for myself and other students.
I am currently a PAIS ambassador, which means I represent my department as a student.

TEFL Workers Union 2020 - advocated for fellow language teachers in a bogus self-employment dispute
Events Officer Autism at Warwick 2021/22 - Organised educational events focusing on issues affecting autistic students at Warwick
Disabled Students Association 2021/22 as representative for Autism at Warwick
RockSoc Exec 2021/22/23

If elected, I will…

Commit to accessibility
I will push for better training on disability and neurodivergence across all departments.
I will work together with the DSO and Warwick disability team to ensure all students are getting a fair education with the adjustments and accommodations they deserve.
I will work to ensure more accessible study spaces are open and available for students to use.

Enhance communication
I will seek to improve timetable releases, as they can vary across departments and cause student uncertainty.
I will lobby departments to ensure clearer guidance surrounding exam deadlines and flexibility.
I will work with departments towards better representation in department SSLCs.

Offer Cost of Living Support
I will lobby the university to provide financial support for those who travel to placements as part of their degree, such as medical students.
I will encourage the university library to continue their fines amnesty amidst the Cost of Living crisis.
I will lobby departments to provide printing allowances for all students.
I will work with international students' officers to encourage the university to introduce an international fee freeze.

Protect students' choice 
I will lobby the university to reverse its decision to limit students' choice in assessment methods.
I will ensure that students’ ability “overcat” is protected.
I will seek to improve feedback forums across the university

SU organised teach-outs 
To elevate important topics that do not receive enough attention in mainstream curriculums, I will organise SU teach-outs in collaboration with societies and PTOs.
Teach-outs will be free to attend for all students.
They will be on important subjects such as (but not limited to): sexual health, disability issues, queer issues and race.

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.