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Candidate for the position of Vice President for Welfare and Campaigns




A better student experience for you


Hey, there! I’m Enaya (she/her), a final-year EPAIS student & your current Women’s Officer at the SU. I’m running to be your next VP for Welfare and Campaigns.


I believe that we, as students, deserve to feel supported and safe at Warwick. During the pandemic & now the Cost-of-Living crisis, our concerns haven’t been taken seriously. If elected, I will fight to have your demands heard and make sure that talk turns into action. Additionally, I want to run campaigns that’ll make Warwick more equal and inclusive, where everyone feels heard.


I have undertaken a variety of roles at Warwick that were directly linked to welfare & campaign management, including:

  • Women’s Officer at the Students’ Union (current), 22-23
  • Course Rep & Overseas Students’ Rep for the Dept of Economics’ SSLC, 20-22 & 21-22 respectively,
  • President of Warwick Multicultural Society, 21-22
  • Social Secretary of Boxing (UWABC), 21-22, &
  • Exec member of Warwick Anti-Sexism Society (current), 22-23



If elected, I will work hard to achieve the following goals:

  • Make campus safer for all by implementing Safezone and expanding the Get Home Safe Campaign Make campus more affordable!
  • Tackle the Cost-of-Living crisis and mitigate its effects on students with the Cost of Living & End Period Poverty campaigns
  • Reduce waiting times for well-being appointments and improve mental health support from the Uni
  • Support Societies and Sports Clubs in their campaigns



Students don’t feel safe on and off campus at various times of the night- be it due to a lack of streetlights, fear of sexual harassment/assault, or walking home alone through a sketchy area.

What have I accomplished?

As Women’s Officer, my main campaign for the year has been the Get Home Safe campaign. So far, I have achieved the following:

  • I’ve lobbied for the introduction of safe zone, which is an app that allows you to access emergency services such as community safety, first aid, and well-being. It’s being trialled with Community Safety now.
  • I have worked with Report + Support and the Community Safety team to get Sexual Assault & Harassment-prevention training, which will start this term.
  • I have spoken to Estates and the Community Safety team to get more streetlights on campus, especially in areas surrounding accommodations.
  • I have worked with the VP Sports and combat sports clubs on campus to introduce Self-Defence classes, which have been extremely well-received by Women and NB students.

What will I do further?

If elected, I will:

  • Make sure that safezone is free and available to all if the 3-month trial goes well, so everyone can feel safe at Warwick.
  • Lead a campaign tackling the root of the SA/SH/Rape Culture problem at Warwick by working with local organisations to provide sexual harassment/assault prevention workshops and promoting Project Maskulinities.
  • Make the Women’s and NB Self-Defence classes a permanent course with various combat sports clubs and Warwick Sport.



Over 85% of students have had to cut down on spending and almost 40% can’t afford their bills + necessary expenses (SU Cost of Living survey). According to the End Period Poverty campaign’s survey, nearly 30% of respondents said they struggled to afford menstrual products on a monthly basis. The situation with stagecoach also impacts students’ welfare negatively.

What have I accomplished?

  • I am on the SU’s Cost-of-Living crisis Working Group and have suggested multiple policies to improve students’ welfare.
  • Expanded the End Period Poverty campaign by over 120% with my team of 22 volunteers, supplying to most public buildings on central campus.
  • Spoken to senior management at the University about a contract with Grace & Green to provide free and sustainable period products in all university buildings.

What will I do further? If elected, I will:

  • Provide free breakfasts, subsidised food by SU outlets and a free shop for students to use at their leisure.
  • Push for the University to help subsidise exorbitant energy bills and rent costs faced by students.
  • Negotiate with local district councils, the University, and Stagecoach to make the buses more regular and efficient & more affordable for students.
  • Lobby the senior management to make End Period Poverty a permanent solution to period poverty on campus with a Grace & Green contract.



Student satisfaction with mental health support has been getting worse as waiting times to see a counsellor climbed to over a month recently. Students' mental well-being is not being prioritised by the University as well-being is understaffed and stretched thin to support students. In addition, there’s only one domestic violence (expert) advisor for all students at Warwick.

What will I do?

If elected, I will:

  • Lobby the university to allocate profits towards Well-being (recruiting more counsellors as well) as it is extremely overloaded.
  • Focus on men’s mental health- I’d launch a campaign addressing men’s mental health and the stigma surrounding it, empowering projects such as Movember.
  • Push for recruiting more Domestic Violence & SA advisors.



Some campaigns run by societies and sports clubs can work well alongside SU campaigns- likewise, the SU can support society and club-run projects and campaigns as well by reaching a larger audience.

What will I do?

If elected, I will:

  • Highlight and support volunteering societies like Warwick Volunteers, Raising & Giving, and more.
  • Work with societies and sports clubs for universal campaigns such as Movember, Black History Month and International Women’s Week.
  • Collaborate with academic societies and departments on projects like Decolonising the Curriculum with PAIS.

Thank you for reading through my manifesto! To find out more on Instagram, follow @voteforenaya for my campaign, @warwickwomen for my Women’s Officer updates, or email me at! Voting starts on Monday, the 27th of February (Week 8) and ends on Friday, the 3rd of March! Make sure to vote!

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.