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Candidate for the position of Environment and Ethics Officer



Vote Varney for EE 

James for a just, green future 


About Me 

  • 1st Year Politics 

  • Warwick Labour Frep  


Why Vote Varney? 

  • Strong environmental policies that benefit students 

  • A commitment to social justice at the heart of the uni and SU 


Instagram: @varney4ethics 


Vote Varney to Support Students  


SU outlets on Too Good to Go 

  • Too Good to Go is an app which sells food about to be wasted at low prices – it is already in use at Pret and the Library Cafe 

  • I commit to signing up all SU outlets on the app to allow students to purchase cheap food, while reducing food waste. 


Bikes + Bring Back Voi 

  • I will campaign to either bring back the Voi electric scooters, or secure an alternative provider.  

  • I will also introduce secure bike shelters to incentivise bike use and protect students fromever-increasing bike theft. 



Vote Varney for an Eco-Friendly Campus  


Green Energy 

  • Renewable energy is the key to a sustainable future – so why doesn’t the university have any of it? 

  • I commit to pressuring both the university and SU into consulting on installing solar panels on both existing, and all new buildings. 


Subsidising SU outlets 

  • I pledge to subsidise vegetarian/vegan meals at all SU outlets. 

  • This not only has a positive effect on the environment but also on your cost of living – only 30% of students feel they can afford to eat on campus 



Vote Varney for Climate Co-operation 


Working with the DDO 

  • As your Environment and Ethics Officer, I pledge to work constructively with the Democracy and Development Officer. 

  • For example, I will work with them to expand the Environmental Certification Scheme to consider ethics as well. 


Working with Zarah Sultana MP 

  • I will work with local MPs such as Zarah Sultana on a wider sustainability policy for the area, as well as Matt Western on improving local bus services. 

  • (Picture of me with Zarah) 



The Only Way is Ethics pt.1 


Ethical Investment 

  • Hold Warwick accountable to its Socially Responsible Investment Policy by stopping investment in companies which fuel the arms trade such as Moog, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems 

  • I will lobby for greater transparency of investments – there should be a student and staff representative on Warwick’s investment board, as well as a public list of the university’s investments 


The Only Way is Ethics pt.2 


BP Archives + Spying Allegations  

  • In 2019, OpenDemocracy broke the Warwick/BP spying scandal, in which the university allegedly collaborated with oil giant BP on a “security strategy” to spy on students who attempted to access the BP Archives on campus. 

  • As your EE Officer, I would campaign for a full, public inquiry into this scandal. 

  • Additionally, I would pressure the university to scrap the BP Archives on campus – especially in light of this scandal and the climate crisis. 


Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.