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Candidate for the position of Trans Students’ Officer

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Dorian Henry

Dorian for trans inclusion on campus


  • 1st year Theatre and Performance Studies student
    • Currently working with my faculty to improve support for trans students, including better signposting to resources + ways to resolve issues with the university
  • Trans activist, former member of the LGBTIQA+ Greens committee
    • Worked with Green councillors to push for trans-positive policy and to hold the party and government to account for transphobia and discriminatory abuse
  • Running to improve the university's systems of support for trans students, with training for staff, standardised trans-inclusive internal style guides and a dedicated wellbeing service so that trans students not only feel welcome but included, and that their voices are heard

Why should you back me?

Systemic issues

The university often fails to address the needs of trans students on a systematic level, both with the wellbeing service and its online systems

Wellbeing support

I will push for a specialist wellbeing line dedicated to helping with trans-specific issues, with dedicated trained staff to ensure waiting times are reasonable

Style guides

I will work with the university to create standardised style guides for university communication to ensure that preferred names and inclusive language are used

I will also push for trans students' changed emails to be default, rather than having to contact IT to change it manually


Accessibility issues

The university's systems for reporting issues and changing information are notoriously difficult, and its resources for trans students aren't clear and organised

Submitting feedback

I will push for a dedicated report system for trans students to submit feedback on university systems, with a specialist team to ensure that they are listened to

Compiling resources

I will work to create a well-organised and easy-to-read hub for trans students to access all of the resources the university has available to them



One of my main goals within this position is to work intersectionally and together with other officers on issues to make longstanding change for all students

Curriculum review

I will form an intersectional team to review curriculum content, ensuring that it covers a broad and diverse range of experiences and academics without strong bias

Event/society review

We will also assess (particularly gendered) programmes and events to ensure that claims of diversity are followed through with and contain respectful, inclusive material


Training issues

Many issues trans students face are the result of a lack of training and information on the behalf of staff, who may not have worked with trans students

Staff training

I will push for mandatory trans-inclusion training for staff on using the right name and pronouns for students and how to support their trans students in particular

Wellbeing training

I will encourage the training of wellbeing support staff, both those involved with the specialist line and those who aren't, so they can best support trans students



The university has a lot of money to put towards student life and welfare, but the entire student body, not just trans students, don't receive enough of it

Funding transition

I will push for a consistent yearly pot for the Gender Expression Fund, along with dedicated support for students wishing to seek gender-affirming healthcare, diagnosis or deedpoll

Cost of living crisis

Trans students are disproportionally harmed by the cost of living crisis, and so I will push the university to put more funds towards students facing poverty and hardship, including through the SU foodbank

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.