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Candidate for the position of Vice President for Education

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Chih-Hsiang Lo


Plaintext Manifesto

Chih for Education

“For the University experience you deserve”


Who am I?

Societies Officer

Interim Education Officer

President of the Anime and Manga Society 2020-2021

BA in Politics and International Studies 


Track Record 

As Societies Officer:

Lobbied the University for restrictionless society events during welcome week and the academic year

Ensured term 2 student-led conferences/events could go ahead in-person 

Enhanced communication between the SU and society execs 


As Interim Education Officer:

One of my big wins as Interim Education Officer was to ensure that there were In-person lectures in term 2 

Pushed for the University to make sure that they directly consult with students and societies on large scale education changes 


My Priorities

In-person teaching and Universal Lecture Capture 

Inclusive Education

Student Wellbeing


Vote Chih for…


In-person Teaching + Universal Lecture Capture

Ensuring that all students have the option of full in-person teaching

I will push for the adoption of Universal Lecture Capture (the recording of all lectures) so that lectures are made available at the convenience of students


A Stress-Free Education

Lobby for increased flexibility for extensions/mitigating circumstances

Write clearer guidance around mitigating circumstances procedures

Push to keep self-certification as a provision after COVID-19

Work with the Societies Officer to provide extra support for students by establishing peer-to-peer buddy schemes in academic societies


Flexible Exams

Lobby the University for the better diversification of assessment choice and delivery 

Push for both in-person and online options for exams where possible

Continue the use of open-book exams after COVID-19


More Study Space

Lobby the University to convert the old humanities building into study space

Push for longer hours for all study spaces around exam time

Pressure the University to expand the Leamington learning grid

Ensure that there are adequate and working charging ports in all study spaces


Better Communication 

Push for the earlier release of exam and teaching timetables

Ensure that students are actively consulted and listened to on changes to their teaching

Engaging more with the educational needs of often overlooked students, including part-time, mature, apprentice, and post-graduate students

I will directly consult and listen to academic reps and involve them in policy making


Vote for me on 21/02/22

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.