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Candidate for the position of Vice President for Societies

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Anna Taylor

Anna For Socs!

Supporting societies to recruit and regrow.


Who Am I?

  • Fourth Year English and History Student
  • Events and Socials Coordinator and Duty Manager at Warwick Student Cinema.
  • I have been involved with a variety of societies from LitSoc to RAG to Panto!
  • I've been a Student Ambassador for the English Department for 3 years.
  • I also have hobbies! I run a Minecraft server for myself and friends online, and we're currently writing a script for an animation featuring our characters and the server lore.


My Main Priorities

  • Supporting Newer Execs - Making resources for the day-to-day running of societies more accessible and thorough.
  • Outreach - Encouraging more people to get involved with societies!
  • Students First - Prioritising the mental health of exec and society members by tackling sources of stress in running societies.
  • Momentum - Making societies easily accessible to newcomers throughout the academic year.
  • Tailored Society Support - Individualising support for the diverse issues faced by societies at Warwick.


Reaching Out 

  • Overhaul Societies Officer social media accounts to provide continuity between successive Officers and across platforms, so students have the option to engage on their preferred platform.
  • Schedule regular, frequent posts on a range of society activities, in a centralised and accessible place for new students to find.
  • Use these accounts to "spotlight" societies - e.g. through weekly “takeovers” to advertise each society's events, activities, or what they do.


Year-Round Momentum

  • Organise society taster days in Term 2 and 3 to encourage engagement in society activity throughout the year, particularly for students who may have missed out at the beginning of the year, or may hesitate to join without a specific welcome event.
  • Market to students who are already active in societies through “Soc Swap” events where societies can pair up and show each other their respective activities or events.


Finding Firmer Footing

  • Recognising that many new execs will have limited pre-COVID experience compared to graduating members when stepping into their roles.
  • Updating existing SU exec resources to include an FAQ page for specific problems frequently encountered by exec members.
  • Put together alumni blog posts featuring the interviews with or advice from alumni exec members for newer execs to refer to.


Putting Students First

  • Highlight and defend student interests within societies, the SU and the larger University.
  • Create and circulate welfare resources for society execs and members, regarding issues such as recognising and reporting safeguarding issues, managing multiple workloads, and prioritising your time.
  • Lobby for the university to provide appropriate notice when cancelling or moving society events booked in university spaces or to offer appropriate alternative arrangements, to reduce stress associated with organising society events.


Taylor-Made Support

  • Recognise the varying issues faced by our broad range of societies.
  • Maintain weekly office hours for students to drop-in and discuss society specific issues.
  • Work to support society-specific exec members (as opposed to only typical roles such as Social Sec or Pres, for example) by helping to build advice and resource networks for these roles where necessary.


Vote Anna for Socs!

Facebook: /AnnaTaylorForSocs

Instagram: annataylorforsocs

Discord: anna.taylor#5630

Voting closes 25/02/22

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.