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  1. Student consulted safe return to campus and in person learning
  2. Fully operational library and study spaces
  3. Financial support for home and international students
  4. Student focused SU – no gimmicks and publicity stunts

Amplifying Your Voice.
Serving Your Needs



[logo: facebook, Instagram] @shingaiforpres


Who am I? And what have I done for you so far?

  • Current Postgraduate Officer
  • Founded Believers LoveWorld Warwick
  • Warwick Law School and WMG Graduate
  • International Student

  • Ensured IT issues were included in mitigation
  • Secured funding for campaigns to benefit BAME communities at Warwick
  • Advocated for greater support for BAME PGR Students
  • Stood in solidarity with you against unconsulted all online teaching campaign
  • Secured extra extensions for CLL student carers
  • Fought to ensure self-certification and extensions were applied to all UG and PG students


Education and Academics

  • Consultation to understand the teaching students want post-COVID, and ensure a safe return to campus and in person learning.
  • Continue to lobby for full opening of the library, along with other study spaces on campus.
  • Push for investment into better transcription technology.
  • Lobby for greater leniency for all student carers.
  • Lobby for PGR funding extensions.
  • Maintain recorded lectures
  • Continue to embed sustainability within the curriculum


Tackling Sexual Misconduct

  • Ensure that Consent training, such as Active Bystander Training, is embedded into the curriculum
  • Encourage popular student bars and clubs to train their staff in handling disclosures of sexual misconduct


Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Continue to promote, raise awareness of and push the implementation of culturally competent care.
  • Work to ensure better integration of wellbeing into faculty and departmental structures.
  • Continue to ensure that departments share knowledge of support strategies and best practice that students have given positive feedback on.

Housing and Financial Support

  • Lobby for the introduction of a rent waiver clause in student accommodation contracts in the event of further restrictions.
  • Push for increased leniency and support for international students unable to pay tuition fees.
  • Continue lobbying for the re-introduction of IT support bursaries.
  • Lobby for wider scope of hardship funds for both home and international students.


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Supporting Communities

  • Lobby the university to fund and organise events and initiatives to celebrate Black History Month.
  • Lobby for the incorporation of restorative, and educational approaches to sanctions in the disciplinary process for minor offences as a replacement for monetary fines
  • Push for an expanded Welcome Week for all students, to assist with reintroduction to campus life and in-person teaching.

Accessible and Sustainable Services

  • Continue to push for a more varied food offer in Rootes Grocery Store, including Halal, Kosher. African and Caribbean options.
  • Push for more vegan, vegetarian and other sustainable food offers in all outlets on campus.
  • Continue plans to open a Zero-Waste shop in the SU.
  • Lobby for re-introduction of the off-campus Warwick Accommodation offer.

[logo: facebook, Instagram] @shingaiforpres

Your Students’ Union

  • Research and improve democratic and academic voice models to better involve Postgraduate students
  • Lobby for more affordable sports club membership
  • Reopen SU outlets and venues as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Support societies and clubs in the return to campus through increased promotion and funding
  • Steer greater student focus and better service delivery through continued word on stakeholder management map and student engagement plan
  • Work to establish a Faith Students’ Part-Time Officer role

Amplifying Your Voice.
Serving Your Needs

[logo: facebook, Instagram] @shingaiforpres


Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.