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Candidate for the position of Faculty of Social Science Exec - Faculty Representative

Ollie Sanderson-Nichols

Hi all,


Thanks for having a gander at my manifesto.


I’m Ollie, a second-year Politics, Philosophy and Law student.


I’m standing for the position of Faculty Rep to continue the work I’ve been doing to support students and help everyone get the most out of their time at Warwick. I’ve been a representative and secretary of my department’s SSLC each year, and have also been a member of the SU’s Education Committee this year. From surveying PPL students on their experiences of teaching & learning in ‘20/21, to lobbying for better mitigation & wellbeing support in light of the numerous challenges this year, I’m keen to carry on working on your behalf to make sure each and every one of our community receives the care and support they need to flourish.


My commitments:


  • Listening to you – I want to hear how you’re finding your time here at Warwick, and I’m keen in particular to hear about your academic experiences. Warwick is rightly recognised as one of the best and most prestigious Universities in the UK with an excellent track-record of academic success, but there’s always room for improvement; tell me what’s on your mind, and I’ll happily take it up for you.


  • Facilitating Inclusivity and Accessibility – As a mature student who returned to education through a non-traditional Access pathway, pitching in to the important work of broadening inclusivity and accessibility is really important to me. I’m committed to continuing the excellent work that others have done in these respects, and pledge to keep these principles at the core of my work.


  • Supporting You & Developing Skills– Your wellbeing is incredibly important, and it can be too easy to let it falter, particularly whilst grappling with all the disruption and upheaval the last year has thrown at us. I’m committed to doing everything I can to make sure Warwick is offering the best and most supportive environment possible for you – whether that be in terms of building your skillset & confidence through teaching and training, working to reduce unnecessary burdens on your learning, or pushing for broader changes to the issue you care about.


  • Helping You Succeed – Now, more than ever, it’s important that students receive the best toolset possible to prepare them for the future. This means making sure that you not only get the best possible range of study options to spark your passion if you aren’t sure where you’re going yet, but also the most supportive and complete educational experience possible to get you to where you want to go. As our community decides what the new normal is going to look like, I'll work to make sure the quality of your academic experience is front and centre. 


Thanks for reading! Please consider swinging a vote my way.


All the best,



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