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Candidate for the position of Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Exec - Faculty Representative



Positions are not just mere places or chairs that is ought to be filled for the sake of it being occupied by someone. It is something which has to be given to the one who is deserving as well as whole heartedly will to work for the society or for the group. A committee member or a representative is the one who has the potential as well as the mind to hear the views and opinions of the members in the council. Being a full time postgraduate student in Engineering Business Management at Warwick I would be able to work with the council and also with my fellow members within the council as well as the community with immense pleasure and determination and I am pretty sure I would be the right fit to be in that position to help my fellow mates as well as socially help the needy whenever and whatever way is possible from my end. Responsibility does increase being in such a position in the council but I am confident that I would be able to tackle the tasks that is assigned to me with the help and co-operation of all the valuable members who are part of the council after they elect and allow me to serve them as well as all my fellow mates at University of Warwick in the best way possible.

Feel free to contact me at any point of time through my Warwick email id: Prince.Binu-Joseph@warwick.ac.uk and I am always ready to hear you as well as do anything that is possible from my side to solve your problem or what so ever it maybe.

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