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[Picture of Jacob in a lifejacket]

'Project Restart' for campus!


I'm Jacob, and I'm standing to be your DDO. In this manifesto, I will outline why a vote for me is a vote for a better, more democratic Warwick SU, and tell you about my ambitious plan to get things back on track: an ambitious 'Project Restart' to re-open campus!


3rd Year History Student

Proudly LGBT

Warwick Jewish Israeli Society Social Secretary (2019-2020)

Member of SU Societies Committee (2020-2021)

Dedicated activist and campaigner


Instagram Handle: @jjgooner99

Facebook Handle: @jacobddo2021


So what is 'Project Restart'?

'Project Restart' is my ambitious plan to get things back on track at Warwick as we come out of the pandemic and see restrictions relaxed! Here's what I want to do:


Get the SU's commercial outlets like the Copper Rooms, Dirty Duck and the Terrace Bar ready for next year and making sure they are even better than they were pre-pandemic! This year has been dreadful so next year should be as fun as possible!

[Clip art of burger and drink]


Ensure prices across campus outlets remain as affordable as possible. Students should also be prioritised for part-time jobs in campus outlets and venues

[Clip art of money]


Ensure that the SU is safe and COVID free and that all events and outlets are accessible to all students!

[Clip art of clipboard and pencil]


Push for teaching to be fully in-person next year and ensuring societies and sports clubs have easy access to room bookings for in-person events.  I also want to work with the next Socs Officer to ensure SU spaces are used more efficiently and are easily available to all societies!

[Clip art of group of 3 people]


Make sure that all current and future campus developments are environmentally friendly. SU activities should also be sustainable and I will work to reduce unnecessary waste  

[Clip art of trees and rocks]


It's time to sort out SU Democracy once and for all!

Every election, candidates promise to make the SU more democratic but nothing really ever changes. Turnouts in elections and All Student Votes are consistently low, SU policy is dictated by a small cabal of students, and most students don't really see the SU as anything other than a few outlets and POP. Here's what I will do to genuinely make the SU more democratic:


I will dedicate my time to campaigns such as bringing back Warwick Accommodation off-campus housing and not waste time on meaningless campaigns that don't help improve the student experience here at Warwick.

[Clip art of clock]


I'll make Student Council more democratic by introducing directly elected seats and a directly elected Chair who all students get a chance to vote for

[Clip art of table with people sitting round it]


I will abolish slates in SU elections. They shouldn't have been introduced in the first place! All major policy changes or election rule changes should be ratified by an all-student vote first   

[Clip art of ballot box]


The SU has incurred huge financial losses because of the pandemic but if you elect me as your DDO, I will do everything I can to get this SU back on track next year. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via social media and make sure you...

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.