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Candidate for the position of Environment and Ethics Officer




Hannah for Environment and Ethics Officer

With the world at its tipping point, we must take all action within our means. That is why a vote for me is a vote for;

1. The Climate

The Uni has failed to meet its climate targets in the past. So, I will focus on ensuring the Uni achieves, if not exceeds, its 2030 target. I will continue lobbying for fossil fuel divestment, demanding student representation on the Uni’s investment committee & public listing of the Uni’s annual investments.

2. Sustainable Food

I will push for more local, affordable and acceptable vegetarian/vegan food options & food waste bins on campus.

3. Zero Packaging Waste

I will demand an end to plastic waste & bioplastics.

4. An Ethical Campus

I will investigate opportunities for ‘rewilding’ & using more ethical suppliers of cleaning products on campus.

5. Solidarity and Motivation

Green Week will spark conversations on climate colonialism & highlight stories of activists from all backgrounds.


Sustainability blog curator since 2016.

Organised & hosted talks on waste between Estates and students.

Co-curated a play on environmental degradation at Warwick.

First year SSLC rep.

Please contact me if you have any questions at Hannah.Micuta@warwick.ac.uk

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