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Candidate for the position of Societies Officer

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Chih-Hsiang Lo




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Chih for Socs 

“Putting the ‘U’ back into SU”

Protection and Promotion

Mental Health

Cutting Red Tape


Society Solidarity 



Who am I?

3rd Year Politics and International Studies Student

Exec and President of the Anime and Manga Society for the past 2 years

Current Starcraft Lead of the Esports Society 

Perspectives Magazine

Favourite TV show - Revolutionary Girl Utena

Favourite Band - Pale Waves 

Fun Fact - I happen to own 18 IKEA rats!




All societies will be protected from the effects of the Pandemic. No societies will be shut down and there will be continued guidance and support for all societies into the new academic year.

Protecting democracy: Remove Slates in all SU elections and remove society endorsements in non-COVID times

Move towards a permanent and safe solution for on-campus storage for societies.



...and Promotion

Establish new and unique ways for societies to advertise and get the recognition they deserve. E.g., “Societies Showcase” event, allowing societies to demonstrate their progress and achievements.

Work towards the creation of a “Societies app”, making it easier for students to find societies and to ensure that they can be notified for society events.

Move towards a flexible, society based approach in the event of another virtual freshers fair.



Mental Health

Placing mental health at the forefront of the SU agenda in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, recognising the vital role societies play in facilitating positive student welfare

Pushing for the creation of a report which can help identify the wider issues that contribute to student loneliness at Warwick.

Ensure that the training welfare officers receive effectively tackles mental health issues and problems stemming from the lack of awareness of invisible disabilities.



Cutting Red Tape 

Streamline, simplify, and fix processes such as the exec handover process and certain aspects of the SU website like the out of date membership API.

Simplifying the booking procedure for external speakers allowing for a quicker turn around and increased opportunities for societies to get speakers in, even at short notice.

Improve the process for starting a new society. Resources will be made more accessible and greater guidance will be provided during the society formation process.




Lobby Sports Officer to allow Sports Federation Membership to be paid back in monthly instalments to support students who struggle to pay the membership and to increase sport takeup as part of a wider mental health strategy.

Creation of an online trading platform where societies can trade equipment and services cheaply and efficiently.



Society Solidarity

It is my firm belief that societies are better together. Therefore, I would encourage greater inter-society engagement and activities by establishing new schemes and initiatives such as  ‘Top of the Socs’. 

Encourage interconnectivity between Warwick societies and other university societies across the UK. 



Vote for me on 22/02/21

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*Discord logo* Chih-Hsiang Lo#1788

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