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Candidate for the position of Sports Officer





  • Fourth Year MMORSE
  • Active member of sports clubs since first year
  • Makes a banging carbonara


  • President of Warwick Tennis 2020/21
  • Social Secretary of Warwick Tennis 2019/20
  • Led a campaign that raised £5000 for Refuge in Summer 2020
  • Worked closely with Warwick Sport and SU staff for over two years


  1. Reviewing the cost of Sport
    • Restructuring how the SU handles our club money
    • Lobbying for funding to tackle the high access costs of sport
  2. Offering monthly meetings with club presidents
  3. Negotiating sponsors with the power of the SU for all clubs
  4. Tackling key social issues
    • Continuing and expanding our robust response to sexual violence
    • Ensuring that sport is accessible and inviting to people from all backgrounds, exploring the idea of creating an innovative ally system
  5. Establish an annual large-scale charity event for all clubs to collaborate on
  6. A creative Covid Recovery
    • Inter-university sporting network to promote the importance of uni sport
    • Creative solutions to the challenges caused by restrictions


I am running to represent you, to get your voices heard and deal with the issues you care about. I’ve identified some areas we can improve, and I think I’m well positioned to get this done.

Facebook: VoteWill4Sports    Instagram: @wbrewer6    #BrewerForBetter




  • Offering Presidents/execs monthly meetings on their priorities. Ensuring our policy is always led by student interests, and efficiently responsive to club issues.
  • Better utilising the sports committee. Firstly, by having elections which allow members to be in place at the most vital times, secondly by using their platform to expand our online presence; in promoting the achievements of sport at Warwick, and championing SU campaigns.
  • Being the voice of sports clubs and their members at Student Council.


  • Sexual violence is a problem that needs urgently addressing, reviews have happened, but now is the time implement change. I will require that club correspondence includes more information about the services available and that club codes of conduct must directly tackle the issue, with a disciplinary procedure visibly in place.
  • I will promote SU campaigns on mental health and encourage clubs to actively participate in these. Clubs should be a safe space to discuss mental health and can be an excellent site for encouraging much needed conversations around men’s mental health.
  • Despite Warwick’s attempts to increase the participation of marginalised groups in university sport. Our communities must not just be accepting of all, they must be inviting to all.
  • I want to work with liberation PTOs and societies to explore the idea of creating an ally system, which can provide support in accessing otherwise daunting activities.
  • During my presidency tennis took part in a review of trans policies within national governing bodies. This review has spread to around twelve clubs now and should be expanded further.
  • I will ensure exec are properly trained in coping with issues of sexual violence and mental health. As well as being sensitive to the unique difficulties marginalised individuals can experience.


  • Using the pooled power and resources that exist across clubs and the SU to negotiate large-scale sponsorship deals which can provide an extra injection of funding to all clubs.
  • Looking at the model provided on this front by other SUs such as Sheffield.
  • Looking to secure substantial sponsorships for Varsity.
  • Taking advantage of the connections that exist across Warwick Sport staff to start conversations with big sporting partners. For instance, I previously worked with the Tennis Centre to secure the club a new sponsorship with Wilson.


  • There’s already a review into club grants and membership fees underway. This review is an opportunity for us to ensure that finances are oriented firmly in the favour of students, and grant funding is distributed fairly across all clubs.
  • Continuing to protect the funding smaller clubs rely on to survive, whilst also incentivising growth.
  • Prioritising accessibility at every stage. Through, for example, utilising and publicising the hardship fund as a way for disadvantaged students to still reap the full benefits of sport.
  • Tackling the club pass issue by building sport into cohesive and collaborative plans for the future of the SU and the uni. The university often side-lines sporting issues for a focus on the academic, I think the two are complementary. Sport should be a substantial part of the Warwick Development plan for 2030 and can be a strong unique selling point for the university in the future with further investment.
  • I will go directly to senior university leadership, working with the DDO to gain access to vital funding meetings. Here, I can highlight the value of sport to them and emphasize what a difference negligible rises in expenditure could make.
  • With the Akuma contract due to expire in 22/23 it is up for review in the next academic year. I will take the time to survey student opinions and priorities, making certain we negotiate the best deal possible, with the best provider available.


  • The charity challenges last summer showed us the potential that clubs have to make a difference, I want to combine the collective drive and passion of all the clubs to create an annual event that can have an even greater impact.
  • Having already spoken with the RAG president on this topic I am confident it is feasible and has great potential.
  • I also believe it is important to better connect charity secretaries across clubs so they can support each other’s efforts.


  • Creating an inter-university sport network working with other SU sports officials to build co-operative lobbying power to ensure university sport is taken seriously. This network can evolve into a long-term avenue for the voice of student sport.
  • Working with Warwick Sport to have a booking system that suits students and execs.
  • Making certain that injury problems associated with a return to sport are prepared for with appropriate physiotherapy available and accessible.
  • Being proactive on creative solutions to ensure capacity isn’t a barrier to in person events when restrictions ease.


If you’re committed enough to read this far, one last idea for you:

  • Building a new website for club sport that can:
    • Promote sporting achievements
    • Centralise BUCS results
    • Host Live Streams
    • Coordinate Varsity
    • All the exec support you might struggle to find on the SU website



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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.