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Candidate for the position of Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Exec - Faculty Representative




Alex for Faculty Rep

Hi! I'm Alex, a 3rd year Chemistry student and I'm running for Faculty Rep this year

My Focuses



Mental health services;

I will continue to push for better mental health services with special focus on issues arising due to the pandemic as well as the preventative measures taken.

Peer Mentoring;

I will seek to continue the research done around the impact of peer mentoring, to put together a best practice guide to have every department organise and maintain a well working system.

Diversity & Inclusion;

As a member of the BAME community I will push for the continuance of the Decolonise Project and seek to fix the root issues causing attainment gaps, especially those caused by socio-economic factors


I will ensure that clear communication between the University and the student body improves and provides more opportunities for all students to question those at the top.

My Credentials

  • I'm a current Faculty Rep! I've worked with SSLCs, spoken at termly committee meetings and would love to continue voicing student's opinions within these circles.
  • Project Officer for a WHIEA-funded project around reviewing current Peer mentoring within Warwick
  • ChemSoc First year Mentor (2 years) 


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