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Candidate for the position of Welfare and Campaigns Officer








  • SU Welfare Exec Member

  • SU First Aider 2017-2019

  • St John's Ambulance Volunteer

  • Welfare Officer for Warwick Lifesaving 2018-2019



Hi, I'm Izzy Bourne, a Philosophy finalist, Dirty Duck employee and Warwick Devil!

As someone who has struggled with my own mental health I am passionate about improving the student experience at Warwick by ensuring that every student feels happy, healthy and safe. For this reason, I am standing to be your next Welfare and Campaign's Officer!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bourne4welfare

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bourne4welfare



  • Wellbeing in Education
    • Lobby the University to adopt PAPYRUS’ Suicide Safer Strategy and make wellbeing a priority throughout education.

  • Barriers to Disclosure

    • Signposting to a culturally incompetent service is detrimental - accessing services relies on culturally competent care and intercultural awareness.

  • Reduce Waiting Time for Wellbeing Services

    • Hold the University to account for its promised 2 weeks waiting time for counselling and therapies, and provide more information on what to expect.

  • Temporary Withdrawal

    • Temporarily withdrawn students are currently denied access to Wellbeing Support Services during their time away from their studies - this must change, especially considering many students withdraw due to their mental health.


Sports and Socs Welfare

  • Standalone Welfare Officer Role

    • Mandate a stand-alone Welfare Officer position in every exec to allow for greater accessibility and support for 1000s of students in sport clubs and societies.

  • Train the Trainer

    • Train the Trainer is a sustainable model which allows a greater number of students to access cheaper and more bespoke welfare training, for example Active Bystander training.

  • Ease Participation in Campaigns

    • Develop online toolkits and resources for clubs and socs to assist in running their own awareness campaigns, creating a more efficient and sustainable model.



  • £20 Medical Certificates

    • Increase the ability to self-certify absences and extensions, in addition to plainly stating when a £20 medical certificate is truly required for evidence.

  • Free the Period 

    • The average person spends £11 per cycle on sanitary products - that’s £128 per year. I will lobby the University to provide tax-free and sustainable sanitary items and ensure that every public reception has free emergency sanitary products.

  • Free the Condom

    • Increase awareness of the C-card scheme to ensure all students are aware of their right to free contraception. I will continue to collaborate with Sexpression on the welfare stand to ensure all pop-goers get their hands on free contraception.

  • Affordable Free-From Food
    • Ensure that students with dietary requirements and preferences have access to a range of cheap food-to-go on campus. Urge Rootes Grocery Store to lower the cost of vegan products in order to be more environmentally sustainable.



  • Alcohol and Drug Safety
    • I will speak with the local council and venues to ensure that free water is available at all clubs and bars. I will collaborate with The Loop to introduce free forensic drug testing to students at vital times in the year, as well as providing drink-spiking test kits.
  • Improve Street Marshalls

    • A more strategic placement of Street Marshalls to ensure student safety on nights out and greater clarification on their remit to confiscate alcohol. Street Marshalls could be a valuable asset to student safety - we just need to define their role more clearly.

  • Report and Support

    • Hold the University to account on independent external review into sexual misconduct on campus, and ensure the expansion of reporting discrimination and Hate Crime.



  • Tenant Rights

    • Launch an equivalent campaign to Moving Out Without Losing Out around your legal rights on moving in to a property, and ensure landlords stop taking advantage of students.

  • Working Rights

    • A large proportion of students have to work alongside their degree and are not aware of their own working rights, whether it’s mistreatment in the work-place, unreliable wages or cash-in-hand - we all have rights and we should be aware of them.

  • Bursaries

    • Increase awareness of not only the University’s Hardship Fund but also the array of bursaries that are available to students throughout the year - for instance, did you know that you are entitled to up to £20 a day for unpaid internships?

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bourne4welfare

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bourne4welfare



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