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Charlotte Lloyd - Char

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  • Sports Officer 2019-20
  • Ladies Hockey President 2018-19
  • Ladies Hockey 2XI Captain 2017-18
  • English Schools Cross Country competitor (nationals)
  • Final Year History Student


  • Increase the funding so we can support the campaign – get it solidified as an SU priority through sabb budget.  
  • Expanding the portfolio: ‘sporting community leading the way on tackling issues on our campus.’
  • Taking advantage of the solidarity Team Warwick showsto lobby the university for social change.
  • Working with the PTOs to increase access to sports for those with protected characteristics.
    • Listening to communities on their specific issues within sport and working together to tackle these.
      • E.g. a buddy system where people can register their interest in a sport and ask for a member of their community to attend with them, or if there is someone already in the club to be an ally. 
    • Continue lobbying NGBs around trans policies and continue being a voice holding BUCS to account.  
    • Expand the trans-only sport sessions which started this year. 
    • Women’s gym hour – building on women’s only swimming. 
    • Women and non-binary self defenceclasses. 
    • Raising awareness about language accessibility for international students when joining sports clubs.
      • E.g. tactics sessions / verbal training sessions to learn sport terminology.


  • Hardship fund for individual sports memberships, fund would contain a minimum £3000 per year. 
    • Building on the club hardship fund that I introduced this year.
    • Finance should not be an obstacle to participation. 


  • Lobby university for increased BUCS grant. 
    • Currently overspend every year.
    • 2019/20 have had to concede the most walkovers in our history due to transport funding. 
    • Clubs can’t grow teams, new BUCS sports can’t enter leagues. 
    • Embarrassing that our facilities are world class but the rest of sport can’t keep up. 
    • University supports the #TeamWarwick campaign, now they need to invest in it. 


  • Membership restructure with input from Warwick clubs.
    • Gym membership needs an option of termly payments rather than £299 upfront.
  • Alongside DDO and SU President lobby areas of the university higher up than Warwick Sport to try and enact change.
    • Building on relationships from this year.


  • Restructure Sports Forum – current format is not productive, especially for off-campus clubs. 
    • Make T2 Forum ‘drop in’ with facilities and operational staff from Warwick Sport.
    • Feedback portal for holding Warwick Sport to account for operational issues. 
  • Go out to tender for a kit provider – contract with Akuma is up. 
  • Sustainable sports fair using QR codes instead of flyers - building on Varsity and Akuma sustainability. 
    • Sustainability as element of Sportmark.
  • Sportmark - not just one application form at the end of the year, execs can upload achievements throughout the year.
    • E.g. Worcester Uni and Wufoo forms. 
  • Pre-seaso npage for freshers on the Warwick Sport website. Currently hard to find info on individual clubs pre-seasons because they are so club-website specific. 
    • Will help with recruitment. 


  • All clubs included. 
    • Non-BUCS clubs – create a form where they can send in their results so we can shout about them as much as BUCS scores. 
    • Tried this year to promote them on Instagram but we need an easy system where we can get access to their results, like BUCS provides.


  • Address stereotypes surrounding uni culture e.g. alcoholism, peer pressure, sexual violence.
    • Warwick Values Moodle – 4000 first years completed it in 2019/20. Work with the team at the unito get sports specific scenarios included. E.g. locker room banter, sport socials.
  • BUCS Conference in July – Warwick to lead a sexual violence in sport workshop at National Conference.
  • Raising awareness for Report and Support.
    • Instances of sexual violence remain anecdotal. 
    • Anonymous reporting contributes to trends and data so we can highlight where specific clubs need training, workshops or action taken.
  • Expand the remit of Report and Support to address hate crime, harassment and discrimination. 
  • Linking Report and Support to the new BUCS reporting tool so our systems are aligned. 


  • A way to measure how much Team Warwick clubs raise collectively for charity throughout the year.
  • Contactless payments in the Copper Rooms.
  • ‘Talk Sport’ Series – workshops on careers in sport, how to balance sport and degree. 
  • Wheelchair basketball - as a mechanism for injury rehab, staying active but off feet.
    • Feasible because of the 4 new wheelchairs purchased this year. 
  • Physio – Got videos on Warwick Sport website. Get injury-specific group drop in sessions.
    • E.g. 4-5pm is a session for people with knee injuries.

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