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Akosua Sefah - Fighting for Something Better! 

About Me

Hi, I’m Akosua Sefah and I’m a second-year French and History student running to be your DDO. I believe that liberation should be central to everything that the SU and Sabbatical officers do. Therefore, I will be fighting for a more accessible, affordable, representative, sustainable and safe university for all students. I pride myself on these values and you will see them woven throughout my policies. I would really love the opportunity to be your DDO, to listen and represent your voices and implement much needed change. Together, let’s fight for something better!


  • External Liaison Officer for Warwick Anti-Racism Society

  • Member of the SU Democracy and Development Executive

  • Anti-Racist Activist

  • Climate Activist


  1. Empowering the Student Voice

  2. Affordable University Life

  3. Environmentally Ethical University and SU


Amplifying the Student Voice 

Often Sabbatical Officers are in and out of meetings, with little time to engage with students - I will combat this by: 

  • Ensuring that I am visible and accessible to students as much as possible

  • Establishing SU Liaison Officers within society executives that are in regular contact with me and my team, to relay issues and suggestions that different students have

  • Designating specific office hours for students to drop in and have an informal chat with us officers


But I firmly believe that it is my job to reach out students, and not the other way around - in this regard I will:

  • Allocate time to be on campus, at society events for example, to always be up to date on student needs and maintain a strong relationship – it is you I am here to listen to and represent!

  • Take advantage of my good relationship with liberation societies to always incorporate the needs of marginalised communities into my policy and increase their engagement with the SU


You should always be able to hold me, the SU and the university to account - I will:

  • Ensure that students are kept updated on SU developments and what I am putting in place to meet my manifesto aims 

  • Develop a student forum: an event where students can discuss their suggestions and issues to do with the university and ask us Sabbs what we are currently doing to solve these problems

  • Make SU spending available to students on the SU website, to make sure that money is being used effectively and is allocated to causes that are important to students

  • Lobby for the university to do the same – the needs and welfare of students and staff should be prioritised in university spending


Currently if students want changes within the SU or the university, they have to submit a motion. This is often a long process and a long and complicated document for students to write:

  • I will fight for a simple online submission system where students can submit suggestions or voice concerns. Popular, pressing and important issues will be seriously discussed by us Sabbs and measures put in place to ensure students’ demands are met

  • Make sure that SU democracy is explained and continually reinforced. This will ensure that students understand how the SU operates, how it represents them, how it can improve their university experience, and what they can do as ordinary students to make changes. I will do this in person, when engaging with students at events, through simple and accessible social media posts and through short and simple videos


Affordable University Life

The hidden costs at university on top of £9250 or more in fees, makes university difficult and inaccessible for so many - I will: 


  • Lobby for cheaper bus travel and to allow termly or annual bus passes to be paid back flexibly. The long-term goal is for students and staff to have free and more reliable bus travel

  • Push for more frequent free shuttle buses to Canley and around campus

  • Encourage the introduction of free shuttle buses to Earlsdon and Kenilworth


SU Costs:

  • Push for more affordable food options in SU outlets

  • Ensure that the current commitment to introducing more vegan and vegetarian options is affordable for students 

  • I will work tirelessly to reduce the federation fee with the ultimate long-term goal of getting rid of it


University costs:

  • Push for free printing for all students and removing library fines

  • Ensure that measures are put in place to always make student accommodation affordable, up to standard and accessible for different needs 


Environmentally Ethical University and SU

As institutions that exist in a relatively privileged part of the world, largely untouched by the climate crisis at the present, it is the responsibility of the university and the SU to do their bit to ease the devastating impacts that the climate crisis is having on the Global South today:

  • I promise to hold the university to account for its contribution to the climate crisis. I will lobby Warwick University LTD to reduce the target for Carbon Neutrality from 2050 to 2030, and call for the university to regularly publish which measures it is putting in place to reach this target

  • I will call on the university to publish which corporations it invests in that are highly-polluting and which endanger the welfare of those in the Global South. Together with student activists, I will put pressure on the university to rethink these investments

  • I will continue the introduction of more vegan and vegetarian options in SU outlets by introducing separate vegan menus, ensuring that this is always made affordable

  • I will push for locally sourced produce in SU outlets and establish a monthly market on campus for local businesses and local produce 


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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.