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Luke Mepham



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Luke Mepham for President


My Priorities:
An exam timetable in term 1
A realistic plan to improve study space
A confidential and effective disciplinary process for all forms of discrimination
Embed sustainability in the curriculum
Mental health first aid training for exec members


Hi! I'm Luke, your current Societies Officer, and I'm running to be your next President. I'm proud of the things I've been able to deliver on for students over the past six months, from increasing funding for societies to blocking evening and weekend car parking charges, and I would love the opportunity to continue working to improve the lives of Warwick students as your next President! Whilst some candidates may promise the world, it's important for policies to be realistic and achievable. Over the past six months I have learnt a lot about how the SU and University works, and so I know that the policies on my manifesto are exactly that - realistic and achievable.


Current Societies Officer,
President of Warwick Maths Society,
Started a new Sports Club,
Course Rep,
Warwick Maths Graduations.


Increased society funding,
Created a society recognition scheme, SocsMark,
Block evening and weekend car parking charges,
Lobbied for free University ID card replacements,
Started implementation of Liberation Associations.


My policies:

Your education:
Work to reduce unexpected course costs, such as textbooks and printing.
Lobby the University to remain in the Erasmus programme.
Campaign for fair allocations for marking and preparation time for postgraduates who teach.
Support UCU in the fight for fair workloads and against casualisation.
Fight for universal lecture capture.

Your campus:
Fight for late-night National Express buses to Coventry.
Improve vegetarian and vegan options at all campus outlets.
Lobby for a bus interchange redesign with more shelters and heating.
Put microwaves in the library.
Finish getting rid of Circuit Laundry.
Ensure SU outlets offer more affordable food options.

Your communities:
Fully resource new Liberation Associations within the SU.
Work with liberation communities to fight against all attainment gaps.
Campaign for more blue badge parking on campus and specifically near the SU.
Work with students to fight antisemitism and Islamophobia.
Increase funding for History Month campaigns.

Your study space:
New study space in all dormant University and SU buildings.
Study and dwell space in the SU and Copper Rooms 2 when not in use.
Open up and advertise unused rooms around campus.
Common rooms for students from all departments in the new Arts building.
Off-campus Learning Grids in Earsldon and South Leamington.

Your environment:
Ensure sustainability is embedded in the curriculum.
Continue work to encourage societies to act more sustainably through the SocsMark scheme.
Bring together existing sustainability groups on campus to maximise their impact and encourage collaboration to tackle the climate emergency.
Run a campaign to promote sustainable behaviours.

Your welfare:
Facilitate Mental Health First Aid training for sports club and society exec members.
Abolish the unnecessary fee for calling out ambulances.
Continue the work to implement culturally competent care through Wellbeing Support Services.
Offer drug testing kits from the SU.
Organise more sexual health clinics on campus.

Your sports clubs and societies:
Continue work to offer multi-year Societies and Sports Federation fees.
Grow the SocsMark scheme to offer rewards to the most inclusive, sustainable and effective societies.
Increase funding for Reshaping Sport.
Double the number of parking permits for sports clubs and societies.
Continue to make the event planning process simpler and clearer.
Lobby for water fountains at Westwood.


Vote Luke Mepham for President!
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