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Candidate for the position of Societies Officer




Olly for SOCS

Stay Jolly with Olly

Improve Welfare Training, Price Freeze on Purple, Centralized Room Booking Information, SU Website improvements


Who am I?

3rd Year Data Science Student

Societies Exec Member (2019-20)

Warwick University Climbing Club

Warwick Belly Dance Society

Warwick Salsa

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts

Social Secretary (2019-20)

Aerial Silks Teacher

Pole Teacher

Warwick A Capella Society

Leader of the Undercuts (2018-20)

Social Secretary (2018-19)

Treasurer (2018-19)

Health and Safety (2018-19)

Warwick Stats Society

Warwick Maths Society


Room Booking

I want to make booking rooms on campus easier and less frustrating.

1. Initially, I will compile a well advertised document fo how to book different rooms around the university.

2. Then, I will create a centralized platform to search for free rooms, and book any room on campus.



I want to help improve the wellbeing of students through the societies platform.

1. I will improve the Welfare training for Exec members.

2. I will encourage collaborations between societies.


SU Website

I want to improve the SU website to make it more user friendly, and easier to find information.

1. I will lobby for a redesign of the SU Website, including finance web.

2. I will lobby for more powerful servers, due to difficulty buying tickets on release.


SU Venues

I want to make society events at SU venues more affordable and enjoyable.

1. Lobby for a price freeze on Purple.

2. I will advertise ticket releases in multiple places so execs can notify their members.



I want to ensure that societies are inclusive to everyone.

1. Run more inclusivity workshops for societies.

2. I will make information readily available for everyone, on multiple platforms.



Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.