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Candidate for the position of Welfare and Campaigns Officer



Gerald Kemp for Welfare & Campaigns Officer

-3rd year Psychology student specialising in physical & mental health and wellbeing

-Team Leader at the Dirty Duck

-Exec Member of Psychology Society

-Trainee counsellor 



As a welfare officer candidate I’m here to champion student welfare across campus. I have a host of ideas and collaborative projects on how to positively impact the lives of Warwick Students, but here are my 5 main aims and promises…

Combating sexual and domestic abuse on campus

-Bystander intervention workshops run throughout term-time

-Consent, STI, wellbeing, relationship and abuse training courses offered through the SU, especially for society exec members


Improving access to sexual health 

-Additional GUM-clinic appointments and dates on campus and in Leamington

-Provision of free contraceptives and sanitary products in SU venues


Targeted wellbeing improvements amongst postgraduate students

-Improved accessibility to formal and informal wellbeing and mental health services amongst post-grad students

-Review of the Sessional Teaching Payroll (STP) and PG pay systems

-PG Hub in the Gibbet Hill campus 


Reducing isolation and loneliness amongst minority students 

-Promotion of regular collaborative events celebrating cultural, racial and ethnic diversity to encourage understanding and communication

-‘Buddy Scheme’ to reduce isolation amongst minority students and those experiencing loneliness and in need of support


Promotion of student wellbeing and safety regarding alcohol and drug consumption 

-Promotion of non-drinking and responsible-drinking events within the SU and societies 

-Alcohol-related first aid training workshops offered throughout the year 

-Greater accessibility to drink-spiking kits on campus

-Raising awareness of issues around study drugs


‘Vote Gerald for Welfare & Kempaigns Officer’

25th Feb - 1st March

Make your vote count!


'I’m a strong willed and motivated person, with a desire to improve the university experience for all, and ultimately get the job done. Taking on the role of improving student welfare represents a challenge, but one where my passions, experiences and excitement lies. Support and well-being needs to be at the forefront of student life and to be accessible and available all year round. I’m keen to build upon previous work the SU has done and set the ball rolling for putting student welfare back as a main goal for the university.’









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