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Hi, my name is Jay (they/them) and I want to be your Disabled Students’ Officer for 2019-20. I’m a Sociology student with Cerebral Palsy and I am currently the Disability and Mental Health Exec for Warwick Labour Soc.

If elected, I would continue the work of previous Officers in campaigning for improved academic access for students with disabilities and long-term health conditions, this would include continuing to advocate for Universal Lecture Capture, liaising with departments and individual members of academic staff to impress the importance of this issue in terms of ensuring that all members of the Warwick community feel empowered to participate in the opportunities for learning that are necessary to the completion of degree programmes.

Related to this, I would campaign for improved accessibility to spaces on campus by ensuring that the University was made aware of any issues with current accessibility provisions, both in terms of physical access to buildings and in  attitudes towards students with disabilities on campus- this would also involve communicating with Warwick Accommodation when/if students with disabilities have issues with the rooms and residences they have been allocated to.

As part of my role as Disability and Mental Health Exec, I have always strived to work with fellow liberation executives within Warwick Labour in order to ensure that the Society is providing a welcoming atmosphere for disabled students within accessible spaces- if elected, I would continue this work on a University-wide scale through events such as Disability Awareness Week and through the provision of online resources in order to provide University societies and sports clubs with the support they need to ensure that all members of the community feel enabled to participate, this would be done in co-operation with the other SU Liberation Officers.

If this sounds like a mission you can support…


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