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Hi, I’m Laura Prisco (I prefer to go by Prisco). I am a transmasculine non-binary individual. My pronouns are they/them and he/him. I am a second year biology PhD student and the current president of Warwick Fencing.

I am running to be your Trans Officer because I believe our campus should be the ultimate liberation space. So much has been achieved over the past couple years, but its not yet time to sit back and relax. This community needs another strong and tireless voice. I will be that voice, calling for change, improvement and representation for every member of our community.


  • Improve access to and quality of mental health services. The university wellbeing services are not sufficiently trained regarding trans issues and have wait times which are much too long for some. I will campaign the university to provide training regarding trans issues for counsellors and establish a mental health hardship fund.
  • Continue work on Trans Inclusivity and Awareness. I will continue the Trans awareness workshop series, include year-round events, expand the distribution and use of pronoun badges, liaise with IT services to include a pronoun option on student records and work with other officers to ensure events are trans inclusive.
  • Pressure university to restructure the policy making system. Policies affecting particular communities should be created and/or edited with advice from people belonging to those communities. I will call for the university to seek such advice from either volunteers or organizations which represent those communities when reviewing policies and compensate any volunteers.
  • Create a liberation space on campus.

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