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It’s your campus too

I’m a proud PPE student at Warwick and I want to give something back to improve all student experiences on campus. For too long the SU has been focussed on fighting for abstract ideals which don’t impact on student’s daily lives. It’s time that the SU finally started to represent ALL its students in ways that are deliverable, achievable and will make an impact on our day-to-day lives. Warwick students deserve more from their SU. I believe I am capable of delivering an SU that you deserve. My policies are as follows:

1. Exemplary mental health provision: University is unquestionably stressful, and sadly  there is a shockingly high level of mental-health issues on campus. It’s essential that the SU promotes and actively campaigns to ensure that student’s mental health is well looked after. Currently there is a 4 hours bus ride or £40 UBER for a round trip to the specialist Caludon centre.

a. Integrate NHS and campus mental-health services on campus

b. The university should be more proactive in helping students who need to access specialist mental health care, which may not be easily available

2. Up the study spaces: Finding study spaces is difficult at peak times

a. More capacity on CENTRAL CAMPUS:

i. Smarter, more effective usage of our current facilities could add hundreds of additional study spaces at very little cost

ii. All study spaces need access to plug sockets that work

b. We need to raise awareness of spare study space

c. Our study spaces should be more student friendly and comfortable - happy students are productive students

3. Promoting free speech:

a. I will champion students to be the best arbiters of what is right/wrong, by ensuring that students have access to ALL opinions and sides of an issue.

b. Simplifying the process by which societies get speakers on to campus

c. A dedicated fund for societies struggling with finances should be set up to help societies to cover costs of their speakers


It’s your campus too is a simple message. It’s about making ALL students feel included, it’s about bringing the best out of the university experience and it’s about regrounding the SU on the issues that matter to us students. By voting for me you’ll be putting your faith in not just me, but in yourselves.

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