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Mend It Like Mepham

President of Warwick Maths Society, Social Secretary of Warwick Maths Society, Created a new sports club, Member of the Maths SSLC, Vice President of Warwick Wake, Created a new society.

My name's Luke and I'm running to be your next Societies Officer. Societies have been a very large part of my experience at Warwick and, having been a member of several execs, I have a thorough knowledge of how the SU works and problems within society administration that need addressing. If elected, I would continue to improve societies for future generations of Warwick students through the policies set out below, which are presented in both video and more detailed text form.

Abolish SocsFed for academic societies

Liberation and religious societies are exempt from the SocsFed membership fee. It is unfair that you should be expected to pay a fee to join your subject's relevant society, and the fee only acts as another cost barrier to education and academic support.

Better welfare training for exec members

I would like to provide training for exec members of societies so they can support members and signpost them to welfare support. This has been effective in sports clubs and it would be beneficial to extend this to societies.

Encourage collaboration between societies

Some of the biggest and best society events happen when societies work together, both within the University and when partnering with other SUs. I will set up connections with other SUs to make collaboration easier, and improve guidelines and training for exec members to run these events.

Reduce bureaucracy

Organising events through the SU can be a long and time-consuming process. I plan to streamline all planning forms and work with the Societies Coordinators to make guidelines clearer and training more useful. After all, easier event planning = more events!

It’s coming Koan!

Many students have never made the pilgrimage to see Warwick's ikoanic rotating frustrum. However, the University promised it would be moved to a new location every year of the Arts Centre's renovation. I will push the University to move the Koan back to central campus so it can be enjoyed by all students once again!

Vote Luke for Societies Officer!

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Video transcript


Luke: Hi there, my name's Luke Mepham and I'm running to be your new Societies Officer so I can mend it like Mepham. Stay tuned to find a little bit about my manifesto and policies.

[Student approaching exec member]

Student: Hi, I'd like to purchase three revision guides please.
Exec: Are you a member of the society?
Student: I'm afraid not, I didn't want to pay SocsFed just to join my academic society.
Exec: Well no revision guides for you, then.
[Exec member throws revision guides over shoulder, student falls to the floor]
Luke: Why should you have to pay for academic events and support from your academic society? Vote Luke to abolish SocsFed for academic societies. 

[Another student approaches exec member]

Student: Hello friendly exec member. I was wondering if you could help me with some personal issues I've been having.
Exec: Yeah, just one moment.
[Exec turns his head to the side]
Exec: I don't know where to tell him to go or how to react, but I really want to help.
[Luke appears behind both]
Luke: If only this exec member had had some welfare training, then he'd be able to signpost this student to the help that he needs. Vote Luke for welfare training for society exec members.

[Another exec member is talking to a friend with lots of forms in front of them]

Exec: I only want to organise a trip to go bowling but I've got to fill in 5 different forms. 
Student: If only they were simpler and more streamlined.
[Luke appears, holding a piece of paper saying 'sensible, concise form']
Luke: Planning events shouldn't be a hassle. Vote Luke for more streamlined event planning packs and better training and guidance for exec members.
[Exec member sweeps forms off the table, all thumbs up]

[Luke is outside De Montfort SU]

Luke: Want to organise bigger and better events with other societies, both at Warwick and at other SUs? Vote Luke for organised partnerships with other SUs and easier collaboration between societies at Warwick.

[Two students are sitting at a desk working]

Student 1: What even is this koan thing people are on about?
Student 2: You don't know what the koan is? I koannot believe it, it's so ikoanic.

[Luke is at the koan at Gibbet Hill]

Luke: Many students have still never seen the koan since its move to Gibbet Hill. The University promised to move its location every year until the Arts Centre's renovation is complete. I will push the University to keep to that promise and move the koan back to central campus. Vote Luke to bring back the koan.

Luke: Vote Luke Mepham for Societies Officer and he'll mend it like Mepham.

['Vote Luke for Societies Officer' written next to a photo of Luke]


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