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Candidate for the position of Welfare and Campaigns Officer

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Tiana Holgate


About Me

Hi! My name is Tiana, I am a Second Year Sociology student and I am running to be your next Welfare & Campaigns officer as I am passionate about making your time at Warwick as positive as possible. From steering you clear of tough housing situations to ensuring competent care is available for all, I am determined to ensure everyone can maximise their time at Warwick!

My Aims

  1. Making transport cheaper, easier & more accessible

  2. Ensuring simple & safe on and off campus living.

  3. Revising & restructuring our current campus campaigns.

  4. Reviewing the mental health crisis at Warwick.

  5. Wellbeing Support for ALL.

  6. Improving your health and safety.

Founder & President of a Society

National Union of Students’ Black Students’ Conference delegate.

Department mentor.



Making transport cheaper, easier & more accessible

Simpler parking payment methods...

The need for change when paying for parking on campus is as inconvenient as it is outdated. This is why I want to introduce card readers on parking meters on our campus, giving the option to pay by cash or card will reduce the need for spare change which is often hard to accumulate. This will also speed up the process of parking, particularly at busy times of the day.

More frequent buses...

Too frequently, students are unable to get on buses due to enormous demand and a minimal supply. I will fight for more frequent buses from Stagecoach and National Express, particularly in the mornings, so that we can reduce the number of students who fail to get on the bus in the mornings due to horrendous queues.

Reducing travel costs...

The current daily cost of £6 per day for parking is extortionate, particularly when this is accumulated to £30 per week. After ascertaining where these current costs are going, I will lobby the University to cut parking fares by at least 50% from £6 per day, down to £3.

I will also continue the fight for cheaper bus fares from Stagecoach and National Express, in the hope of a significant student discount available for students, as paying £135 per term is exorbitant.

Ensuring simple & safe on and off campus living.

Navigate off-campus living...

Organising paying bills, paying rent and understanding your rights as a tenant can be difficult - as can navigating the world of student housing in terms of accessibility and travelling from abroad as an International student. Therefore, I will offer a guidance pack to students, providing information on all things off-campus living.

Finding the ideal living situation for you...

Finding the ideal off-campus accommodation for you can be difficult. Deciding who to live with, the right location and the correct pricing can all be tricky to balance at once. To eleviate this pressure, I will host a ‘Housemate Fair’ to allow students to meet others who are in a similar position to them & offer guidance on finding the best living situation possible.

Revising the role of Residential Life Tutors…

When living on campus, feeling safe, comfortable and at ease is vital to aid your overall wellbeing. However, problems can, of course, arise both at a personal level and associated with those around you. Therefore, I will revise the current role of our Resident Life Tutors and the training they receive, to ensure their training extends beyond ‘pastoral support’ and is comprehensive with all issues that all students may face.

Revising & restructuring our current campus campaigns.

Making Ask for Angela accessible in more situations...

Although Ask for Angela is useful in our campus bars & clubs, I will mobilise this further by creating a text-service for Ask Angela, so that it can be used in a wider variety of scenarios and locations. I will also ensure that cohesive training for this is given to all staff in SU, so that the necessary support can be given quickly and effectively.

Increasing the impact of ‘We Get Consent’ in our community…

‘We Get Consent’ has raised awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence and harassment, however; I will re-introduce the previously used ‘Consent Matters’ Moodle course to improve safety across our campus & further communicate the necessity of this to our departments.

Ensuring our socieities go one step further...

Our Sports teams have been successful in demonstrating that they have positively contributed to our university environment & the wider community, with recognition in a Sportmark. I will introduce a Societymark to encourage our Societies to do the same.


Re-Launcing the ‘Free Periods’ campaign to all...

Sanitary products are very expensive, especially when bought on campus. Despite the existing ‘Free Periods’ campaign, many students are unaware of the free services available to them. I will ensure that students are made aware that free towels, tampons, and pregnancy tests can all be requested and collected from SUHQ, and lobby the University to remove the need for payment on existing sanitary dispensers on campus.

Reviewing the mental health crisis at Warwick.

Culturally competent care...

It’s vital that when students seek help through Warwick Counselling, that they can speak to a counsellor that they identify with & who understands them. Therefore, I will ensure that culturally competent care is available with LGBTQ+, BME & International staff so that social, cultural or linguistic barriers do not hinder the effectiveness of our services.

Reviewing the impact of Prevent on students’ mental health…

The implementation of Prevent by the University can problematise mental health & isolate our Muslim students. I will review the impact of this further and instigate conversations with the University to reduce the prevalence of Prevent on campus.

Increased support within departments…

Our education and wellbeing are undeniably linked, therefore it is important that support is available within our departments so that advice is available quickly & easily. I will fight for a designated Welfare Officer in all departments who are trained to support the effects of ableism, homophobia, transphobia, racism & sexual harassment.

Wellbeing Support for ALL.

‘Spilling the T’ on the important stuff...

It’s important that students are offered guidance and the opportunity to ask questions on navigating University life. I will introduce ‘Spilling the T’ - themed weekly drop-in sessions which provide support on issues such as accessing counselling services & applying for extensions.

More specialised support…

It is imperative to recognise that not all of our students have the same concerns! I will fight for improved support for International Students, students returning from a year abroad, Student Carers & more.

Bringing International Students together…

Many international students arrive at Warwick knowing of very few others in their same position, if any. I will introduce an online system, which will allow international students to connect with each other prior to their arrival to Warwick.

Bystander intervention & a hate crime report service…

Hateful language and behaviour can, unfortunately, be witnessed and experienced on campus. I will introduce a hate crime reporting service available via SMS and the SU App, which will allow the reporting of unnacceptable behaviour whether you witness it as a bystander or experience it yourself.

Improving your health and safety.

Registering at two GPs…

Many students are forced to choose between registering with a GP at home, or at University meaning that their access to health advice is not always guranteed. I will support National campaigns to fight for your rights to be registered at 2 GPs simultaneously.

Reducing the cost for Doctor’s Notes...

The need for students to pay for Doctor’s Notes can hinder applications for extenuating circumstances and is currently too high. I will fight to ascertain why the current cost is so high and for a bursary to make them accessible to all that require them.

Reviewing the University’s disciplinary process...

I will support the ongoing fight to review the University’s current disciplinary process to ensure that safety is guaranteed for all of our students.


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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.