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Candidate for the position of Sports Officer







  • Co-founder of the Women’s Cricket Club
  • President of Women’s Cricket 2018/19
  • Netball BUCS 2’s 2018/19
  • Netball Varsity Squad 2019
  • Member of Barbell 2017/18


Uni Sports For Uni Students

  • Create an open dialogue and to facilitate efficient communication channels for sports clubs through in-person sessions.
  • Fight for favourable training allocations in the New Sports Hub for all sports clubs.
  • Such facilities should be student focussed and priced, “for the students!” . Fight for affordable membership prices.
  • Continue campaigning for Wednesday afternoons free to allow all students to access all levels sport.
  • Develop the Sports Exec to act as a supportive team to the Sports Officer.
  • Push for sport to be included in the University Strategy 2030.


Create Conversation

  • Collaborate with the Welfare Officer to develop a mental health awareness starter pack for clubs and societies.
  • Introduce a well-being hour once a week for any member of a club or society sport e.g yoga or a post-pop Xananas breakfast deal.
  • Encourage PG/PhD students to showcase their relevant research to club members.
  • Continue pushing campaigns such as #ReshapingSport, Rainbow Laces, #WeGetConsent.



  • Create a ‘Pre-Varsity’ programme for clubs who don’t get a weekend fixture.
  • Listen to clubs more with regards to preferred Varsity fixtures.
  • Ensure clubs are fully supported in promotional material.


Something For Everyone

  • Beginners
  • Work with clubs to encourage opportunities for new players by developing the rock up and play programmes.
  • Run a #TrySomethingNew campaign to provide structure to club switches and tasters for everyone.
  • Development
  • Work to ensure transport and funding are treated fairly, creating a transport guide with essential information.
  • Introduce club-building workshops to support smaller clubs.
  • Develop a Society Sports page to introduce students to new sports.
  • Create a PG Play Programme and push for more favourable timings.
  • Elite
  • Establish a showcase weekend for Non-BUCS sports.
  • Making Performance Sport criteria and guidelines clear to encourage progression.
  • Create a dialogue between club captains and performance sport coaches to make the fitness and development sessions to be beneficial to all.
  • Introduce club-only bookable sessions in the new gym by developing a group day pass.
  • Work to develop physiotherapy links with Coventry University students.

Build a Community

  • Push for more financial accessibility through a funding and sponsorship guide for exec.
  • Collaborate closely with other sabbatical officers to create an workable termly Campaigns Calendar.
  • Develop Team Warwick to be a closer community, continue the weekly sportsperson/team and develop the “Ones to Watch” programme to include all clubs.
  • Encourage the viewing of university matches on the piazza through a livestream feed working with RAW Visual.




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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.