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Candidate for the position of Education Officer



Plain text manifesto:

Conrad for Education

Putting Students First


My priorities

- Tackle hidden course costs

- Continue the campaign for universal lecture capture and earlier exam timetables

- Increased study space

- Retain and increase choice in modules and assessment

- Standardise and improve feedback methods


My experience

- Education Exec member

- Involved in motions at All Student Vote about lecture capture and exam timetables

- Secretary of a campaigning society

- Third year Biochemistry student


Improving learning

- Finding study space can be a nightmare, especially in exam season. I will lobby the university for more study space, and for improvements to the study space finder feature on the Warwick app to better utilise what is already there.

- Students deserve more choice in modules and assessment methods, not less. I will work to ensure that students can make their own decisions wherever possible.

- Hidden course costs can be very detrimental especially for working class students. I will lobby for more materials such as books to be available online.


Fairness for students

- Lecture capture is not only a great revision tool but also benefits students who cannot attend due to illness, disability, caring responsibilities, job interviews and more. I will keep up the fight for universal lecture capture.

- Earlier exam timetables will benefit students who need to plan ahead regarding jobs, travel and other life events, and this is something I want to continue to campaign for.

- Feedback for modules and personal tutors is important, yet it’s inconsistent across departments. I will fight for standardisation so all students are treated the same, no matter their course.


An accessible education

- Bus services from Leamington and Coventry can be late or crowded, meaning students have their education disrupted. I will lobby Stagecoach and National Express for more frequent bus services at peak times and over exam season.

- Working class boys are the least likely of any group to attend university. I will engage in outreach and argue for better support for these and other marginalised groups once they are at Warwick.

- Mental health can massively affect students and their education. I will carry out an awareness campaign of the Student Union’s current mental health services and continually look for areas of improvement.


Vote Conrad for Education

Putting Students First

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