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**Plaintext Manifesto**
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Luke Shortland for DDO. [ID: To the left is a photograph of Luke at Smack.]

Hi! I'm Luke, and I want to be your next Democracy and Development Officer / DDO!
Please read through my manifesto (plain text below) and be sure to vote for me at!

Twitter and Facebook Pages: @LukeForDDO


My Priorities [ID: to the right is another photograph of Luke, with the caption #SmackLighting]

-Buses and Transport: Gibbet Hill Train // 24h buses // More capacity
-Better Housing: Landlord reviews // More advice // Better halls
-Food and Drink for all: Tackle Rootes Grocery // More Curiositea Space // Veggie Options

Who am I?
-I'm Luke Shortland, a 2nd year Philosopher!
-I'm your National Union of Students LGBT Delegate,
-I'm involved with the SU: I attend Student Council and the All Student Vote,
-I'm on the Exec of Warwick PhilSoc,
-I comment on almost every WarwickLove.


The Dreaded Buses.

Students are squeezed onto packed, unreliable buses - and that's if they can get a space! We can't go on like this. I will...

Lobby for more buses in the morning and evening,
The U17 was a handy bus route from Campus to Sydenham / ASDA in South Leamington, but it was scrapped last year. I will fight for its return.
Fight for later Coventry buses, and a 24h U1,
Speak to Warwickshire County Council and our MP, to lobby for a Gibbet Hill Train Station. There is a train line running between Leamington & Coventry that passes here - we just need a station. It would cut journey times, reduce traffic and be more environmentally friendly!


Food and Drink [ID: to the left is a photograph of Luke, wearing a string vest, flowers in his hair and a grass skirt. A caption reads "I can't even think of a caption for this one..."

The Atrium and SU outlets are a focal point of student life, but I want to build on this by:

Creating café-style seating in the Atrium to help with the shortage of space in Curiositea,
Having RAW play in SU outlets (where possible) for a bigger sense of community,
Having the Meat Free Special run all week in the Bread Oven, alongside the Meat Special,
Tackle the extortionate prices in Rootes Grocery Store. [ID: The S in the word "Store" has been replaced by a dollar sign] Rootes is a "CostCutter," but students are tired of its high prices - they're getting a raw deal. A store that has the privilege of being on our campus should work for the students, too.


Better Housing [ID: to the right is a photograph of Luke's bedroom. A desk, office chair, computer and lamp are on the left. A comfy-looking double bed and a Pride flag are on the right, under a window. A caption reads "My actual bedroom!"]

Landlords can easily exploit the thousands of students looking for housing. This has to stop. I will:

Lobby Warwick Accommodation to add Reviews to their website, so landlords have an incentive to provide good accommodation,
Ensure that Warwick maintains and improves its mix of campus halls, with options for all budgets and all accessibility requirements,
Better signpost the wealth of SU information, so students know their rights, know how to set up their bills, how to get free Council Tax...


Nights Out [ID: to the left is a photograph of Luke taking a selfie with Disco Dave. Luke is wearing a rich red bow-tie. A caption reads "*Not endorsed by Disco Dave".]

Most students enjoy a night out with their mates, and the SU should ensure all students have an enjoyable time! I will:

Work with the Welfare Officer to continue the Welfare Stand during POP and Skool Dayz,
Explore the option of opening the second floor to increase POP capacity,
Explore a way of transferring tickets through the SU website,
Work with students to keep introducing new nights - Juicy, GLOW, Cocktail...


Democracy [ID: to the right is a photograph of Luke holding a microphone and making a passionate speech at the All Student Vote. The topic of the speech is "Improving Blood Donation Facilities." The caption reads "The people who filmed this did me dirty tbh".]

The SU is run by students, for the students. But we must do more to ensure everyone can have their voice heard. I will:

Publicise the ASV and Elections to Societies, and ask them to publicise them to their members,
Work with Ben Newsham, current DDO, to fully implement the upcoming Democracy Review,
Better publicise to Freshers how to get involved, and what sort of changes they can make,
Work on issues that matter, not waste time with petty internal student politics.


Thank You! [ID: This is written wholly in capital letters]

Thank you for reading my manifesto!
If you liked my ideas, make sure that you vote Luke Shortland for DDO!

[ID: to the right is a black-and-white photograph of Luke dancing at a Society Ball. Two women are dancing alongside, including Ellie King. Luke's mouth is open. A caption reads "putting the 'candid' in 'candidate'.]

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