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Less Stress With Jess

Jess Martin For Welfare and Campaigns Officer


A bit about me

Hi, I'm Jess, I'm a third year film student, Ladies' Hockey and Women's Cricket member and I've also held positions on the Ladies' Hockey Exec and the SU Sports Exec.

I'm running for Welfare Officer because the state of the mental health services at the university is something I desperately want to help improve and the wellbeing events and campaigns that are run by the SU have been invaluable for getting me through my degree. I want to turn my experiences with health and wellbeing, especially with mental health, into solutions that will benefit other students.

Mental Health

"How will you secure more funding for these services?"

My strategy is to collaborate with other universities nearby to demonstrate how the investment would be made worthwhile and reach as many individuals as possible, this will hopefully make the offer seem better when making bids.

"Can you make the counselling services less confusing?"

I would create and distribute a flow-chart style resource explaining the different services. Students, personal tutors, residential tutors or welfare exec members can then direct people to the correct place.

I would also like to collaborate more with charities and university societies to incorporate their available resources (for example Ladies' Hockey has recently announced an event with eating disorder charity BEAT, a very useful contact)


"What campaign would you like to kickstart?"

Inspired by the 'Are You Ok?" campaign, I owuld like to start 'Are You Well?', a campaign focused on everyday habits for good mental health and wellbeing. This would cover healthy eating, hygiene, exercise, socialising, stress management, financial advice and more to address everyday student struggles.

By creating a facebook group where Welfare or Charity Execs from all clubs and societies could share their ideas and discuss their goals for the year, I would also have the opportunity to see patterns of thought and give SU support to smaller campaigns that deserve campus-wide attention.


"How would you change Welcome Week to make it more inclusive?"

Other universities in the UK are beginning to introduce more sober activities during Welcome Weeks and I believe Warwick should be following their example. It gives students the opportunity to bond and feel welcomed without the pressures or anxieties of heavy drinking and could promote a healthier drinking culture at Warwick.

"I'm an international student, how can you help with my anxiety about Brexit?"

It's natural to be anxious, there's tuition fees to think about and an undeniable anxious atmosphere surrounding the issue. I would run events to educate students, both UK and international, on what Brexit means and how you might be affected by its consequences as the dust begins to settle.

I'm also concerned with making postgraduates feel integrated and welcomed. The PG event calendar is important but we also need to run events that attract undergrads as well so that we can begin to break down the divide from other types of students.

Campus Comfort

"How would you make visiting campus for long days more convenient?"

I would like to introduce a tuck shop in the library on Sundays so that some food or snacks are still available for students working late. I'd also like to look into the food prices in locations such as University House, Westwood Cafe and Rootes Grocery Store which are unrealistic for students and make eating healthy on campus very difficult.

Thank you for reading and remember to vote before 7pm on Friday 1st March!

Instagram: @lessstresswithjess19

Facebook: 'Less Stress With Jess Welfare Campaign'



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