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Becca Brown For Women’s Officer 2019-2020 Manifesto

Becca B: Let’s Bash bAnTeR

Hi, I’m Becca and I’m a second year English and Comparative Literary Studies student from Somerset. I have been an active part of the behind the scenes discussion and working groups for the Reclaim Our Campus movement, ensuring the voices of this year’s group chat victims continue to be heard. As an issue that personally hit home, it is imperative to me that all people of any gender, race, or religion feel safe on our campus. I want to be a part of leading, speaking, and acting on behalf of such a fantastic community of people, and promoting the incredible work women continue to do on a daily basis. I am running for the Women’s Officer role because we need someone to be a vocal figurehead and have a listening ear, a strong mind with a sense of humour, and I am keen to represent all students as and with these things.

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Work with societies to promote a space of reassuring inclusivity and respect.

Provide information, direction, encouragement and resources to create a seamless working relationship between societies and the SU with the aim to ensure all students feel safe and enjoy campus life, where people of any gender work in solidarity to promote empathy and compassion, to provide a listening ear, and to challenge gender related issues across the university. To continue societies’ work within the #ThisGirlCan campaign.

Create platforms that promote, celebrate and uplift women’s work.

Like the new Women’s Summit happening this March, I aim to organise regular events, exhibitions, workshops and an online community where women can meet and learn about what’s going on in the world of women’s research, art and writing. We will engage with inspiring speakers and allow women to share what they love, whether it’s in relation to degree work or showcasing what keeps you grounded during your studies.

Work with management and staff to raise awareness of sexual violence, misogyny and discrimination in university environments.

I was so massively inspired by the strength and solidarity shown during protests and look to maintain this feeling. I aim to propel and educate students to a position of harmony.  I intend to ensure and provide continued support for those affected by the events this year. As well as “Reclaiming Our Campus” I aim to help reclaim our reputation and image as a respectful and safe community on campus and beyond.

Get the university to provide trained and diverse professionals to deal with problems surrounding mental health, sexual violence, discrimination and hate speech.

There needs to be a notable increase in management’s proactivity and awareness when it comes to student welfare, whether we’re talking mental health, sexual violence, or discrimination. Sufficient training of ALL staff from RLTs to tutors, and the employment of relevant, diverse professionals to provide support for ALL students is of upmost importance. There needs to be a direct and accountable line of communication between the SU and the university, and this role is a critical position to ensure this.

Work towards offering free period products.

As we know, we are needlessly charged an arm and a leg for essential sanitary products. I would like to introduce a regular food-bank equivalent for sanitary products for those who struggle to afford or comfortably access these items.

Organise an intersectional Women’s Week and revamp our Consent Campaigns.

Organise events promoting and celebrating our university’s women and to raise awareness of local and international women’s issues, and universal issues of consent and violence. Providing an open space for everyone to learn and ask questions as well as provide information, inspiration, and awareness.

Collaborate with other universities to create a nationwide community of supportive students.

Open channels of communication nationwide and engage in the wider body of students across the country. Supporting each other in campaigns will promote a feeling of unity and bring women from across the country together on issues that affect us all.  

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