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Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer



My research concerns the synthesis and practical application of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Regarding working on my thesis, I am working as a demonstrator at undergraduate laboratory. I have been working for many years as a lecturer at university in my country. By considering the relationship between my previous and current scientific activities, attempts to manifest support for changing policies and the public response to those attempts. Although my research somewhat different from this duty, being postgraduate research student gives me a valuable chance to use my knowledge and skills to assist other postgraduates while working on their studies.

The development of my master thesis aimed by the PG community at Azad University. With the benefit of our own research office, the collaborative and friendly atmosphere has allowed me to share my ideas with colleagues and benefit from their input and expertise. Of particular benefit was the work in progress seminars, something I believe was quite rare at other institutions. The ability to present my work and engage in expressive conversation during these sessions had importantly strengthened my academic growth and confidence in defending my ideas.

The student Union plays a pivotal role in preparing convinient condition for a multinational community with a wide range of ideas and belief. I believe I can have a positive effect to achiieve remnarkable consequences in collaboration with other students in near future.


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