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Candidate for the position of Societies Officer

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Hi! I’m Jack Hogg and I’m running to be your next Societies Officer


WHO I AM: -3rd  Year Politics Student

-Member of Socs Exec 2018-present

-Social Media Officer for Warwick Labour  2017-18

-RAW presenter

MY KEY PLEDGES: -Freeze Socs Fed fee

-Keep circling cheap

-Raise profile of all societies

-Improve employment opportunities through societies

-Expand and maintain societies


FREEZE SOCS FED FEE: The socs fed fee is a great way to both fund our societies and keep prices down. In universities without a socs fed fee, membership prices for societies can be as high as 10 times the average membership fee at Warwick societies, unfairly punishing students who want to join multiple societies. However, to keep societies accessible and available to as many students as possible, I will oppose any increase in the socs fed fee. An affordable fee means lower society prices whilst maintaining funding for societies.


KEEP CIRCLING CHEAP: Circling is an activity that societies of all shapes and sizes take part in on campus. I will therefore seek to work with the Democracy & Development Officer, along with other officials, to make sure reasonably priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available during popular circling hours.


RAISE PROFILE OF ALL SOCIETIES: Running a relatively small society is often a challenging task. It is quite easy for the presence of small societies to be drowned out by larger ones, especially if the society is centred on a specialist interest. I therefore pledge to regularly use social media platforms to promote the activities of societies under 50 members.


IMPROVE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH SOCIETIES: Whether you’re worried about not being able to find a graduate job that is suited to you, or just simply curious about possible careers after you graduate, having access to graduate employers is an obvious good for all students. This is why I want to offer comprehensive careers advice training to any society that wants such training.


EXPAND AND MAINTAIN SOCIETIES: At Warwick, we currently have over 250 societies and we are on course to see this number grow even further. As your Societies Officer, I would want to see this expansion continue whilst supporting the diversity of cultures, interests and opinions represented in our societies. I also pledge to meet regularly with new societies, and societies that are significantly declining in membership, to draw up short-term and long-term plans to keep these societies functioning.

CONSENT TRAINING: In support of the SU’s ‘We Get Consent’ campaign, I want to work with the SU to make sure societies who seek support in promoting issues around consent within their society, as part of their welfare role, get this support. This will help to create a safer and thus more accessible environment within societies.

ACADEMIC SOCIETIES: External speakers policy in its current form is both time-consuming and bureaucratically frustrating for academic societies on campus, making it unnecessarily difficult for these societies to attract speakers to society events. As Societies Officer, I will support a review into the university’s external speakers policy with the hope of speeding up the process for academic societies. If other universities can achieve this, why can’t we?

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES SOCIETIES: I will help to facilitate collaborative events between activities and games societies with an aim to promoting awareness of these societies and thus, hopefully the membership of societies that want to expand their base.

CULTURAL SOCIETIES: I want to work with cultural societies by creating an online ‘cultural calendar’. Essentially, this calendar will allow these societies to mark dates of cultural significance to them and advertise any related events they wish to publicise, promoting cultural awareness and celebrating cultural diversity on campus.

FILM & MEDIA SOCIETIES: If elected, I will look into potential sponsorships and partnerships with organisations that can provide equipment and resources that so many film and media societies rely on to operate.

FOOD & DRINK SOCIETIES: In order to engage the food and drink societies we have on campus with students, I will look into the feasibility of hosting a collaborative food and drink festival on campus.

PERFORMANCE SOCIETIES: I want to work with a variety of university and SU staff members to ensure performance societies not only have sufficient rehearsal space, but also space on campus to hold taster sessions, showcases and promotions.

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.