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James Butler

Butler 4 President

‘Better with Butler’

Hi! I’m James, your Welfare Chair, and I’m standing to be your next SU President.

I have seen for myself that the Student Union can secure great change for students, when focused in the right areas.  Just in the past year, I have worked hard on campaigns like Universal Lecture Capture and the fight for refunds from last year’s strikes.

But there’s still more that needs to be done and I believe I’m the right person for the job to make these vital changes.

Student Experience


·         Work with Stagecoach and National Express to organise more buses during peak times.

·         Negotiate with the university and bus companies to secure a freeze on price increases of bus passes

·         Create a large-scale car sharing scheme to function as an alternative system of transportation to buses.

Student Choice

·         Work with Private enterprise to provide students with more choice on campus (i.e. Spoons on Campus).

·         Create a mechanism for Students to have a greater say on how SU outlets operate.

·         Lobby for the return of a 24/7 Rootes Grocery Store, especially during Term 3.


·         A freeze on the price of Warwick Accommodation and Student Union Outlet drinks.

·         Hold Rootes Grocery Store to its pledge of ‘affordable products’ and ‘competitive pricing’ 

Student Welfare


·         Continue my campaign for Universal Lecture Capture as to create a truly accessible university that has fair provision for all students, not just a few.

·         Improve access for Working-Class Students by lobbying the University to increase bursaries

·         Fight the university for the refunds owed to students from the 2017 UCU strikes


·         Create two new Student Union Welfare Taskforces to focus on ‘Student Safety’ and ‘International Students’ Welfare’.

·         Continue, Promote, and Expand the efforts of the Student Union on the Mental, Sexual and Physical Health Campaigns.

Comfort and Support

·         Make ‘Chill-out’ zones on campus. These zones will be spaces with facilities to rest & relax, charge devices, and nap in (i.e. Nap Pods).

·         Continue my attempts to improve the Personal Tutor System, by providing better support for students’ mental health and personal issues

Student Union Relations

Sports and Societies

·         Greater independence for Sports and Societies from the Student Union.

·         Reduce the Societies Federation and Sports Federation fees as to encourage greater student participation in our Sports and Societies


·         Make a more accountable and transparent Student Union through reforming the Student Council and creating clearer avenues of holding Officers to account.

·         Improve Student Representation by re-introducing directly-elected ‘Student Councillors’.


·         Work with the University and Academic Societies to encourage more Second-Hand Core Textbook Sales

·         Continue efforts to alleviate the Study Spaces crisis, through working with the University to better utilise empty seminar rooms and campaign for the creation of a second library.

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If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.