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Candidate for the position of Environment and Ethics Officer


Hi there, my name's Jay and I’m a second year mathematician. I'm running to be your next environment and ethics officer. After everything the SU has done to make my university experience great, I want to put back in to it by creating a sustainable and morally rich environment for students to thrive in.

Having been part of the SU for 2 years, I have attended multiple student councils as well as having stood and won my position on the democracy executive as well as getting my own motion through the all student vote, to have blood donation faculties on campus.  I have always been enthusiastic about change and am excited to try and execute it. Furthermore, I’ve served as publicity officer of Warwick Labour over the past year and I resultantly know how to get a message out. Before coming to university, I have been in numerous positions of leadership such as Student President at my sixth form and am excited to apply my skills to implement change.

Policies I would like to introduce:

  • Installing waterless urinals in all SU facilities: these can save up to 75000 litres of water a year
  • Carry through on the SU Blood donation motion: having both written this motion and pushed it through student council, I am incredibly passionate about being able to help the local community and to finish what I started
  • More water fountains on campus: having been to Pop one too many times, I now understand the importance of staying hydrated and to ensure students can keep being active across campus 
  • Investigating the possibility of Warwick students partaking in the national anti-global warming protests: these have clearly struck a chord with students across the country and this union has always been at the forefront of pushing for change both in and outside the university such as attending the free education protests last year
  • Making Rootes Grocery store self-check-outs have an option to not print the receipt: let's be real, most people put receipt straight in the recycling

If you have any questions about any of my policies or ideas for what I can do then feel free to drop me a message or find me on campus.


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