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Candidate for the position of Education Officer

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Oscar Sterland


Oscar For Education.

Real action to Improve your educational experience

About me:

Hello, I'm Oscar, a 3rd year maths and physics student, and I'm running to be your education officer because I believe our education should be convenient, accessible and curiosity driven. I believe that our time at university is, for most of us, a unique opportunity and that we should make as much of it as we can.

TOP 5:

  • Easy access to study space for all students
  • Lecture capture for all students
  • More Extra-curricular and Interdisciplinary options
  • Wellbeing centre on central campus
  • Review and overhaul reporting system



  • Events officer for Warwick Barbell
  • Attended and taken part in various topical student run debates

A Convenient Education:

Students should be able to focus on their studies without worrying whether or not they will have access to the necessary resources, or a productive working environment.

If elected:

  • Push for more purpose built study spaces on campus
  • Lobby to extend the existing learning grid in Leamington as well as construct a grid in Coventry.
  • Clarify the current status of, and push for, a second library and ensure that it would be built to maximise its utility to students.
  • Campaign so that any content that is required for a student's course of study should be available digitally and at no cost to the student.
  • Unify counselling and welfare into senate house. The welfare of students should be prioritised and support should be conveniently accessible for all students

An Accessible Education:

  • Students should feel welcome and safe on campus. They shouldn’t be limited by their background.

If elected:

  • Lecture capture is an enormously useful tool and greatly benefits students with disabilities, illnesses or mental health problems that may make attending lectures less feasible. I would consult with the staff in departments that do not widely record lectures and listen to and attempt to address their reasons for not recording lectures.
  • Push for the increasing digitization of content in the library so students can access the resources they need from wherever they choose to study. Physically visiting the library may be far less convenient for students who have additional responsibilities to study or only study part time etc.
  • Ensure that students from all groups feel welcome by working with departments and educational societies to ensure that additional outreach is extended to underrepresented groups.
  • A motivated student should not be unduly limited by their personal finances. Push for grants for academic resources to ensure curiosity is rewarded.

Curiosity Driven Education:
I believe that students should be able to pursue studies as their curiosity and drive dictates. Many students pursue a fairly narrow and specialised course of studies that then never intend to directly apply in their working life. Interdisciplinary and extra-curricular studies should be readily available and well-advertised in order to produce fulfilled and intellectually rounded graduates.
I Believe:

  • Not everyone is well served by specialising only within one discipline. Many of the issues/questions faced in life do not fall strictly into the domain of any one discipline, students would be well served by a rounded and broad knowledge base.
  • Intellectual curiosity should be encouraged and accommodations should be made if possible to allow students to study what interests them, even if it is outside the domain of their course.

If elected:

  • Extracurricular events and lectures are great opportunities for students to satisfy their curiosity or try something new without the commitment of taking a module. I would work with departments to host evening lectures and events accessible to students without specialist knowledge of the field.
  • Review careers and skills services and ensure it serves students in providing advice that suits students' needs and individual interests.
  • I would support and work with academic societies as they are excellent opportunities for students to support other students and to create an intellectually stimulating environment.

Marginalised Groups and the Reporting System:
The scandal about the groupchat shows that the current reporting system does not work to the satisfaction of students, and its workings are not sufficiently transparent for a bulk of the student body. I would undertake a thorough and transparent, student lead investigation into the reporting system and how the outcome came to occur, then would push for changes to be made to ensure that the welfare of victims was of main concern and that the system better serves those it is meant to protect.
I Believe:

  • Students cannot be expected to be productive and happy in an environment they do not feel safe or supported. As such the reporting system must be made to adequately support any who feel victimised or oppressed etc.
  • The working of the system should be demystified so that the outcomes are accountable.
  • The protests on campus demonstrate that the current system has failed to function to the satisfaction of the student body

If Elected:

  • Marginalized and underrepresented groups should feel welcome and comfortable at Warwick. I would listen to and work with marginalized groups to give them the support and resources required to improve their experience.
  • I would push to engage more with postgrads, senior students, part time students, students taking 2+2 degrees, students on year abroad etc, to ensure they had a say in the SU and felt more engaged with and included in decision making and policy.

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